2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out of Five is the 7th episode of season six and the 85th episode overall.


Frylock looks out the window to find a weird naked... thing mowing the Aqua Teen House's lawn without their permission in the hopes of getting to live there for an undetermined amount of time. When Frylock obviously dosen't let him live there, he tries mulitple tactics to let him stay, like bargaining... hypnotizing... and just asking for advice, but he's finally driven away when Frylock pulls out his gun.

Shake then tells Frylock of Carl's fate to try and convince him that werewolves are real, despite using a Hollywood movie as "proof". The next day, as Shake is about to go surfing, Drew suddenly breaks their window to offer the Aqua Teens strawberry pancakes, then entering their house anyways despite no one asking him to, Frylock, tired of his antics, finally accepts the offer, but Shake decides to be right for once and convinces Frylock not to, so he comes up with another idea.

Frylock suggests for Drew to simply blindfold himself so he wouldn't see the moon, but that's just a ruse so that Shake could shoot him in the heart, but Shake decides to do a pirouette as he fires the gun, making him miss all of the shots, so Frylock just picks the gun and shoots Drew himself, but he somehow survives.

Drew then goes to a pawn shop to ask how much he can get for the bullets, but they turn out to be regular BBs. The Aqua Teens catch up with him to the shop, where Frylock reveals that Drew isn't even a warewolf, but actually a shaved Wookie named Drewbacca from a Star Trek tribute band. After Shake gets one of their cds autographed by Drew, Frylock trys to kill him with a "Lightwaver", But he gets beamed back up to the Wookie ship and Frylock accidentally cuts one of his fries off.

While the Aqua Teen leave the store, Shake finally realizes that there are some key similarities between Werewolves and Wookies. Meatwad points out that Drew is pretty tall for a Lycan, and Shake is impressed that he has been reading the handbook. Suddenly, the moon then gets blown up, much to the Aqua Teens suprise, Shake clams that he did it, then the shop keeper says that he did it, but he admits that was just a lie to get attention, we then pan up to the destroyed moon, where it's revealed that the Mooninites did it after they put a bullfrog in their microwave, whom they compare it to a certain green elderly alien as they spill his green gooey remains onto space.


  1. Carl is mauled to death by Drewbacca.
  2. A bullfrog is blown up in a microwave.


  • On the Aqua Teens' TV, the Robot Chicken Star Wars special appears to be playing.
  • A full orchestra with music that sounds similar to Star Wars plays throughout.
  • Kate Beckinsale from Underworld is mentioned as Shake's lover, and he has her cardboard cutout, which strangely has a mustache on it.
  • This is the first episode to have the caption reads "OK" since Ezekiel albeit every other time someone says "okay" until the near ending of the episode.
  • This is the second time the Pawn Store Clerk makes an appearance, the first time was Hoppy Bunny.
  • This episode is full of Star Wars and Star Trek references.
  • Scott Adsit is credited as C. Puppington, a reference to his character, Clay Puppington, on Morel Orel. He was credited as Orel's drunken father before on Hoppy Bunny.