2 Wycked (briefly known as the HotWad) is Carl's prized Dodge Stealth ES. The car is equipped with several attachments, including a supercharger. Thanks primarily to the Aqua Teens, most notably Master Shake, it is frequently destroyed, defaced, or stolen throughout the episodes, much to Carl's chagrin.

Despite Carl having a garage, the car is often parked outside in the street.


  • According to the Volume 1 DVD commentary for "Rabbot - the Original Cut," this is actually the real car of Matt Maiellaro, the creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Like all backgrounds and props used in the show, it was created using Photoshop paint tools.
  • During the final season a raffle was held for a chance to win a real life replica of 2 Wycked by the king of the BA's Mr. Goldust. He will be touring different conventions later on with this glorious beast.
  • 2 Wycked makes a cameo appearance in the Brak Show episode "We Ski in Peace" being crushed by an alien ant. A green Dodge Stealth with gold rims using the same model is also destroyed by another ant.