612 Wharf Avenue

612 Wharf Avenue is an abandoned building in which MC Pee Pants presumably lived during the episodes "MC Pee Pants" and "Super Sir Loin." It is located near a gentlemen's club known as Melonshakers.

In "MC Pee Pants," the character of the same name was planning on using the excess energy of people's sugar rushes to power a giant drill into Hell. MC Pee Pants would then use the demons found in Hell to run his diet pill pyramid scheme. However, this plan failed as only Meatwad and Carl showed up at 612 Wharf Avenue after listening to the CD and eating unnaturally large amounts of candy. It is unknown if this plan would have ever worked anyway. Frylock points out how unlikely it is for the plan to work, but stranger things have happened in the show.

In "Super Sir Loin," MC Pee Pants was reincarnated as a cow. He planned on using people listening to his CD to bring lots of garbage to 612 Wharf Avenue to attract flies, whose acid could be used to melt a bank vault. Meatwad did bring a lot of garbage to 612 Wharf Avenue, but his plan still failed. 612 Wharf Avenue has not appeared since this episode, and it is unlikely that viewers will ever see it again. It could be assumed that the garbage still rests at 612 Wharf Avenue.


  • 612 Wharf Avenue is a real address located in Red Bank, NJ. Contrary to the dilapidated warehouse in the show, the actual address actually abuts a city park and a parking garage for the Riverview Medical Center in a commercial area of downtown Red Bank.