ATHF Volume Six DVD Box Set is the sixth DVD boxed set release for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


This DVD boxed set contains all nine episodes from season 5, except for the still-unaired "Boston". It also contains four then-unaired episodes: Gene E., Shake Like Me, She Creature and Chick Magnet. The set was first released in the United States on December 16th, 2008. Also in Chick Magnet, there is a deleted scene where Master Shake scolds Frylock

Disc Breakdown[]

Volume 6 Main Menu

Main Menu for Disc 1

Disc One[]


  1. "Robots Everywhere"
  2. "Sirens"
  3. "Reedickyoulus"
  4. "Hoppy Bunny"
  5. "Laser Lenses"
  6. "Couples Skate"
  7. "Dummy Love"
  8. "The Marines"
  9. "Bible Fruit"

Disc Two[]


  1. "Gene E."
  2. "Shake Like Me"
  3. "She Creature"
  4. "Chick Magnet"

Special Features[]

  • I'M PISSED episodes from 10-19-07 to 2-4-08
  • Audio commentary on "Reedickyoulus", "Hoppy Bunny", and "The Marines"
  • ATHF Zombie Ninja Pro-Am Minus The Explosions
  • Terror Phone
  • More Funny Pete Stuff
  • Radical Axis Presents Radical Axis

DVD Main Menu[]

Disc 1[]

Disc 2[]