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ATHF Wiki is a wiki-based encyclopedia started on August 13, 2008 that focuses on the animated Adult Swim television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

This site is a wiki, meaning that anyone can edit a page at almost any time via clicking the edit this page tab button at the top of the page above the page. If it says view source normal, non-administrator users cannot edit, though you can view the source of the page. Examples of this are the Main Page.

Other names for the site include Aqua Teen Wiki, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Wiki, ATHF Online Wiki, and Aqua Teen Hunger Wiki.


ATHF Wiki is hosted, for free, by Wikia. Wikia is a large wiki farm hosting over 8,500 wikis, and you can request yours at anytime! Just make sure there isn't a wiki about it already.

Original Sites

Our original wiki was at Aqua Teen Wiki, which was a wiki hosted by ScribbleWiki, started on August 30, 2007. During the span of that wiki, from August 30, 2007 to February 17, 2008, the wiki managed to reach 161 articles. But after administrator, MasterShake found that WikiLot had better features and editing techniques, the wiki was moved to what was then called ATHF Wiki. On August 9, 2008, however, WikiLot shut down, and the new ATHF Wiki was at But the wiki had only 2MB of file storage, so it was no longer to be used.

MasterShake (named IceSickleSHAKE on Wikipedia) removed the old WikiLot link from Wikipedia's Aqua Teen Hunger Force article. The next day, a message was left on IceSickleSHAKE's talk page by user Angela discussing why the link was removed. It was revealed that Wikia had bought the domain and had a deal with former WikiLot owner to rescue all the wikis. Later on August 13, 2008, this wiki was started and all the content from the old WikiLot wiki's content was imported here.