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September 2007


Master Shake is the self-proclaimed leader of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Almost always the catalyst of what happens in each episode, Shake is very arrogant and also very hateful towards most people (especially Meatwad.) In addition he can sometimes be rather lazy and get huffy if he doesn't get his way. He has a great love of horror movies... but he is terrified of vampires and most other scary monsters. (read more)

October 2007


Frylock is the scientific genius of the group. His room is filled with many scientific items, including a computer. He can design such items, including shrink rays, robots, and other technological devices with the little money he brings in. He is annoyed quickly by Master Shake's actions and treats Meatwad as a father. He has a jewel on his back that hides a VCR containing false memories of his birth. He also has some sort of unexplained power, such as the ability to shoot electricity and ice from his eyes, likely to be power from this jewel. (read more)

November 2007


A rounded piece of ground beef, Meatwad appears to be the youngest of the Aqua Teens, although his true age is thrown into question at times. One thing is certain: Meatwad definitely is the most innocent of the three. With his child-like mind, he is easily manipulated into anything by anyone, with the exception of Frylock's attempts to give him moral fiber. Meatwad has the ability to mold himself like clay into different shapes, most notably a hot dog and an igloo, though he has taken on other forms like Samurai Lincoln. He has a liking for playing with dolls, but since the Aqua Teens live on a tight budget he improvises by making his own out of the materials around him. He lives in the Aqua Teens' house, occupying one of its two bedrooms. (read more)

December 2007


Carl Brutananadilewski (voiced by Dave Willis) is the Aqua Teen's neighbor. Balding, overweight, hairy, a victim of pubic lice, and usually wearing a gold chain, white tank top, pocketless sweatpants, and green flip-flops, Carl embodies the unmarriable bachelor. He has an above-ground swimming pool in his backyard, which the Force constantly invades without his permission, and a red sports car named "2 Wycked" (which is co-creator, Matt Maiellaro's real car). He considers the Aqua Teens freaks, and would usually prefer to avoid contact with them. However, a lonely man, he also sometimes clings to them for the sake of "human" contact. Later, he and his possessions often end up being the unwitting victim of the Aqua Teens' enemies or the Aqua Teens themselves, driving him away from them again. He "works out of the home" selling Guatemalan dolls. He is the most frequent regular character to die. (read more)

January 2008


"Mayhem of the Mooninites" is the fourth episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. In this episode, the Mooninites land on Earth to spread their 'advanced technology'. However, mayhem ensues when they take advantage of Meatwad's childishness and get him into smoking, swearing, drinking and causing more trouble. When Frylock finally gets fed up with them, he drives them off with his eyebeams. (Full plot)

February 2008

Ignignokt is the large, green leader of The Mooninites. He has a very condescending tone and is extremely selfish. He and Err both believe the Moon to be vastly superior to the Earth, even though they both spend a great deal of time hanging around on it (Earth), mostly to bother the Aqua Teens. He lacks the superior intelligence he claims to have, and often resorts to giving the middle finger, otherwise known as "flipping the bird", and to yelling obscenities. He has a handicapped Uncle Cliff, whom he likes to purposely annoy, and tries to cash in his checks (which are really just overdue bills) that Cliff receives from the Government. (read more)

March 2008


Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters is an action-adventure epic that tackles the mysterious circumstances that brought Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake together. An immortal piece of exercise equipment threatens the balance of galactic peace, and it is up to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force to run away from it. Complicating matters, the Plutonians team up with the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past for ultimate control of the deadly device. Spanning the globe, outer space and even time itself. (read more)

April 2008

Super Birthday Snake is the first episode of the second season of the show and the nineteenth episode overall, first broadcasting on May 25, 2003. In this episode, Meatwad wants a rabbit for his birthday, but Master Shake buys him a snake instead, which promptly eats both of them. When Frylock tries to get them out by laser-blasting the snake, it kills both Shake and Meatwad, and Frylock degrades to a life of crime and cheap, meaningless sex. (full plot)

May 2008

Aqua Teen Central (otherwise known as, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Central, or simply ATC) is the undeniably unmistakable uncontestable #1 fansite for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. On December 30th, 2002 (2 years exactly to the day that Aqua Teen first aired on Cartoon Network.) John J. started the first version of the Aqua Teen Central website (a PHP-Nuke based website, now known as V1.) It has garnered the admiration of many random college forums, teenie websites, and emo blogs across the vast expanse of the internet. (read more)

June 2008


Unremarkable Voyage is the second episode of the third season of the show and was first broadcast on May 9, 2004. In the episode, Meatwad eats a very important microchip and Frylock, who has now invented a shrink/enlarging ray, must shrink down to retrieve it. But when it gets under Shake's hands, of course, trouble brews. Shake shrinks both Frylock and Carl down and takes the ray for his own use. (read more and full plot)

July 2008


Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon the Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the film. It was released on April 10, 2007, three days before the film was released, and it features a mix of heavy metal, indie rock, hip-hop and other genres. It features seventeen tracks, plus four hidden tracks. The disc features recordings from bands such as Mastodon, Early Man, Unearth, 9lb Hammer, The Hold Steady, and more. (read more)

August 2008


Global Grilling is the 62nd episode of the show and is episode seven of season four. It was first broadcast on November 12, 2006. In this episode, Shake buys a nuclear grill to make a "Mucus Man" and he eventually ends up burning a hole in the ozone layer. Things take a turn for the worst when it is too hot to turn the grill off, which eventually makes Mucus Man come alive and enslave people to make more Mucus Men. (full plot)

September 2008

Broodwich is the 16th episode of the second season of the show and the 34th episode overall. It was first aired November 2, 2003. Shake finds an evil sandwich named the Broodwich and every time he takes a bite it teleports him to an other and strange dimension. After Shake eats all of the sandwich, it teleports him back to the dimension where he can't escape where a being named Jerry with an axe kills him. (full plot)

October 2008

ATHF Volume Four DVD Box Set is the fourth box set for the show. It is a two-disc set containing all 13 episodes from the shows third season (some of which titles have been changed) and was released December 6, 2005. Extras include Funny Pete Stuff, San Diego Must Be Destroyed 2004, the full Spacecataz episode, the Raydon short, and much more. (read more)

November 2008

The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas past from the future is a recurring villain in the serious, and has appeared in several episodes and the movie. He is a robot who tells made-up stories and are always started with "Thousands of years ago..." and he first appears when he tells Carl what Christmas was like for him in 1968, when his dad made him eat carpet. The Cybernetic Ghost depicted a story of robots and lasers stomping on them, though Carl doesn't remember this part. He then fills Carl's pool with blood and says that the only way to get rid of the blood is to have sex with a giant red ape in space. But Carl sells his house to Glenn Danzig to rid himself of the Ghost. (read more)

December 2008


The Endings (otherwise known as the Fake Endings) are ten fake endings for the film that appeared on several websites in early 2007, including YouTube,, in the Worst Game Ever, and fansite Aqua Teen Central. It was another promotional stunt for the movie, and all endings are available on the film's DVD. These endings all feature parodies to films, such as a parody of The Terminator with Meatwad as "The Determinator". (read more)

January 2009

"Escape from Leprauchpolis" is the second episode of the first season of the show and the second episode overall and was first aired on September 9, 2001. In this episode, Dr. Weird creates a rainbow making machine and leprechauns steal it and use a laptop to send out false emails that gold will appear from a rainbow in the park. They then lure the people into the rainbow and steal valuables from them. When Carl falls prey to their plan, the Aqua Teens go to investigate. (Full Plot)

February 2009

The Clowning is the 38th episode of the show, and the 20th episode of the second season. It originally aired on December 7, 2003. In this episode, Carl gets a strange wig made from animal hair and has more confidence from this wig. Throughout the episode, however, strange things begin to happen to Carl; the hair color begins changing, his feet become enormous, and then it is all revealed this is a wig that turns people into clowns -- and Frylock, unsure how to fix it, freezes Carl. (Episode Page)

March 2009


Cut You Up With a Linoluem Knife was the song Mastodon performed for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. In the film, the song is preceded by Groovy Time for a Movie Time. The band is portrayed by snacks that moviegoers can purchase from the Snack Bar. The song is a departure from the typical Mastodon song as drummer Brann Dailor provides "King Diamond" vocals and guitarist Brent Hinds presents a different vocal approach from previous Mastodon releases. The song's lyrics was written by Aqua Teen creator Dave Willis. In the movie, the band members are animated as a pretzel (guitarist), an icecaps candy box (bass guitarist), a container of nachos (drummer), and a green gumdrop as the vocalist. (lyrics)

April 2009

Super Spore is the sixth episode of the second season of the show and the 24th episode overall. It first aired June 29, 2003. The episode begins with the Aqua Teens in Carl's backyard, in his pool. During one of Master Shake's arguments with Frylock, a tentacle comes up and inserts itself into Shake's head, rendering him unable to speak. After goading Shake into continuing the argument, he realizes that something's wrong (after Shake starts speaking Japanese) and follows the tentacle back to near their crawlspace, where they meet an alien spore. The spore introduces himself as Travis of the Cosmos, and see that the tentacle he's using is his way of communicating since he has no mouth and cannot speak through any of the spikes on his body (only being able to urinate out of them, as he shows several times)... (read more)

June 2009

"I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)" is a dance/techno song played by the Insanoflex in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force film, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. The song is available on Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon the Soundtrack. The vocals on this song were performed by Dana Swanson, The Adult Swim tape librarian and production assistant, as stated in a [AS] bump. (read lyrics)

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