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It is expected that all contributors read and follow the guidelines expressed on this page.

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Wiki allows any contributor to edit our pages. It is, however, important to set guidelines that keeps our Wiki neat and orderly. As such, it is important that every new contributor read this page before pressing that edit button.


All contributors must remember that every contributor is an equal. While ranks may come with a certain degree of seniority, this rank alone does not set them apart from other contributors; solid reasoning and empathy for others also plays a major role. As such, no contributor should be dismissed merely because they lack the seniority of other contributors. This attitude is considered to be ignorant and will not be tolerated here.


"Ranks" refer to user access levels. Different ranks have access to different tools on the Wiki. In addition, they signify that the user is a long time and helpful contributor. We currently employ the following ranks:

  • Rollback - Can rollback an edit with one click, their main responsibility is to fight vandalism. This rank is given to helpful and long serving members of the community.
  • Administrator & Bureaucrat - The former has access to additional backend features, while the latter can change user access levels. Like rollbacks, new admins are chosen as needed from helpful and long time contributors.

Users can apply or be nominated for one of these roles by posting about it on my talk page. The following requirements need to be met beforehand:

  • 1000 edits.
  • Must not have been blocked from the Wiki.
  • Must have been active for six months.

Note: New positions are at the discretion of administration. You will not be promoted just because you meet the requirements and have posted about it. New ranks will be promoted as needed.

Creating New Articles

Any contributor can create a new page, but this does not mean that they should. Please refer to the following guidelines for the creation of new articles:

  • Search the Wiki before creating the page. The page may already exist.
  • We do not allow the creation of pages for minor characters or unnamed characters. Before creating a page for the character, check the List of Incredibly Minor Characters. If the character is on this list, please create a discussion on the talk page and offer your view on why you think the character should be given their own page. Usually, unnamed characters usually don't need an article unless if it's a certain character for example The Angel.
  • Minor locations should be added to the Minor Locations list. Please create a discussion on Talk:Minor Locations before creating a new page for a location, otherwise it will be deleted and will be blocked.
  • If you deicide to make an articl, please discuss it on the talk page before creating.

Editing Existing Articles

Below are rules for how we generally go about editing on this Wiki:

  • The term "anyone may edit" does not mean you may significantly alter an article to fit into your view of how the article should be written. We want new information. You may correct spelling errors, grammatical errors, add new and relevant information and remove links to pages that do not exist. If you feel that an article needs more improvement, feel free to discuss it on the article's talk page.
  • American English should always be used. Proper spelling and grammar should always be used.
  • Speculation should not be used, always back up information with firm evidence when adding in new information.
  • Text should be written in third person.
  • Due to very little continuity in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, events typically do not carry over from episode to episode. For example, a character dying typically does not carry over to the next episode, especially when it concerns the main characters. An event occurring does not mean that this legitimately happened. As such, the majority of non canon continuity should be contained to their respective episode pages.
  • Please refer to the Master Shake page for how character pages are generally set up. Avoid lumping all information about the character under a general "basic information" heading; split up this information under easy to use headings like "appearance," "personality," "powers," and "trivia."
  • Bias has no place on a Wiki. All articles should be written using a neutral tone.
  • If you're adding in information that is not easily verifiable, you are expected to add a reference that elaborates on where this information is from. For example, refer to season commentary if the information is from there. Not verifying your information may cause your edit to be reverted; it is not the responsibility of other contributors to verify information when you could take a minute to do it yourself. If you create a link, write down that page or link in a timely matter.
  • Please do not link to outside websites if it is not relevant to a page.

Copyright and Images

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a copyrighted work. As a Wiki, we gather information on the show and act as a compendium. As a picture conveys more information than words, there should be at least ONE image per page. Template:Copyright is to be used on every Aqua Teen Hunger Force image uploaded to the Wiki, this signifies that we believe that the use of the image falls under fair use.

Videos are prohibited in this wiki.


For clarification on what templates are, please check this page. A list of commonly used templates:


To prevent excess categories or too many pages with categories, please discuss creating new categories on an admins talk, failure to do so may cause your category to be removed at the discretion of the administrator or the community.

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