Adolf Hitler, reincarnated within a balloon.

Balloon Hitler (voiced by Bill Hader) is the Nazi Führer of Germany, reincarnated within a balloon. This happened once Hitler attempted to smuggle all of his personal possessions out of the country within his anus.


Adolf Hitler, in the form of a Balloon, the result of an attempt to smuggle his Nazi Memorabilia in a balloon placed in his rectum, the balloon's pop killing him and fusing his soul into it. Frylock worked for him for a brief time, somewhat unaware of his identity, until he found out that Hitler planned to get rid of Jews with an army Aryan Balloons (armed with the biological weapon Frylock designed to target Jews that he was having Frylock develop). Frylock and Master Shake try to pass off balloons filled with Shake's farts as the bio-weapon Frylock developed, but Hitler discovers their deception (having converted Meatwad to the Jewish faith in order to test the weapon out on him) and unleashes his balloon army on them, however Frylock defeats them easily by popping them with the sharp end of his fry.

Hitler then tells his origin story before the Aqua Teens manage to convince him to stop hating the Jews when he found out Adam Sandler (along several celebrities he liked) is a Jew, causing him to accept the Jews, even hugging Jewish Meatwad. However, he is popped and killed by Frylock when he redirects his hatred from the Jews to gay people. His only appearance on the show was in "Der Inflatable Fuhrer", Employing Frylock.