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Allen in his space fortress.

Allen, originally Alien (voiced by Matt Berry) is a short pink alien with three black spikes rising from his head, two black fangs, his body appears to be composed of three short spikes and possibly static electricity. At some point within the nine years that Master Shake was frozen, he became supreme ruler of the planet Earth. He lives in a small dome fortress, atop of stalk that reaches into space. Within the fortress, he has a bank of monitors with which he spies on the people of the Earth, and if he discovers anything that could be construed as bad behavior (such as foul language, violence, etc.), he strikes him or her with a bolt of lightning, reducing them to a puddle of body fragments in blood. At the end of the episode, he gets blamed for burning down his father's fortress, and ultimately winds up getting zapped by same lightning, he used on others. He appears only in Allen Part 2.


When confronting Shake in his fortress, he appeared to be somewhat of a judge of Shake's actions; He spoke to him as if he was a higher power. And would not hold back killing anyone who is behaving badly . However, he opened up to Shake, and explained how he and his father had not really got along. Allen also apparently has a friend, Tommy, who is a major trigger in Allen's fathers' rage. He gets away with all of his miss-deeds, and Allen always gets blamed. Such as when Tommy broke his father's valuable pool table while he was "rough-housing" with the cue stick during a party. Tommy blamed Allen, and as punishment, Allen was forced into monitoring the Earth for bad behavior for the rest of his life. This is most likely the reason for his poor attitude.

In Allen Part 2[]

After Allen kills a man on the street who complained to Allen that he was tired of the new laws, he grabs Master Shake with a large glowing white clamp, and lifts him up into his fortress in space. Upon arrival within the fortress, Allen explains to Shake how he became supreme ruler within the nine years Shake spent frozen in the Hyper-Sleep Chamber. Even though he appears to be merely just a tyrannical ruler, once opening up to Shake, he is really just a man who is depressed from an awful relationship with his father. Eventually, Shake convinces Allen that he knows his father and that he is on vacation, and Allen leaves his fortress all to Shake, along with his job of monitoring the earth. When leaving for a party with Tommy. However, it turns out that Tommy nearly burned down his father's fortress, and Allen was blamed once again. His father then shot him with a bolt of lightning, and killed him.


A list of those Allen has killed with lighting in order of occurrence. Allen had also intended to kill Master Shake, however, Shake convinced him he was in a protective force-field.