"Allen Part Two" is the 2nd episode of Season 8 and the 102nd overall episode of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1.


Part 2 picks up where the previous episode ends, with Master Shake mourning over his abandoned old house and everything he cared about. He quickly runs over to Carl's house, to find George Lowe has moved in. He takes Shake to a warehouse filled with army equipment, where two kids take his pipes, and are killed by Allen. Shake is further confused about the lightning and how everything was free. George shouts his complaints at Allen, and is soon killed. Shake tries to find the rest of the team as he calls them on a phone by a liquor store. Frylock forbids Meatwad from answering Shake's calls so as not to deal with him anymore, going as far as using his eye blasts to destroy the phone. After two more calls, Shake grows more miserable, alone, and afraid, and finds himself surrounded by muggers, who (under circumstances of 'having a good day') only wanted to help him as he's lost. Shake is confused as to why they didn't want to stab him, prompting one of the muggers to pull a knife and urge his partner that they go through with it, complaining to Allen about 'having a good day' for nine years and is killed by the lightning. Allen is revealed to be an alien residing in a dome/UFO atop an incredibly tall pole, which he brings Shake into. Allen reveals he is actually called Alien, but the sign that was made for his dome misspelled his name. Shake finds Allen has monitors viewing all of the Earth for 'bad deeds', for if Allen finds something bad done, he vaporizes them. Frylock and Meatwad are displayed on one of Allen's monitors, showing how they are without Shake. Meatwad suggests they go and find him, and Shake demands Meatwad be vaporized despite this. Allen says they're being good, as he shows Shake how he's been bad. After further conversation, Shake finds Allen is doing all this due to family issues with his father, for Allen was throwing a party and his friend, or possibly brother, Tommy lied his way out of the trouble he caused. Shake claims to know Allen's father and tells him not to worry, for he's out of town. Allen decides to party once more with Tommy. Meanwhile, Frylock and Meatwad are searching for Shake, and as they find one of the muggers who knew where he was, they face Allen's ship and badmouth him. Frylock aggressively cusses at him, and Meatwad runs away, leaving Frylock to get killed. Allen leaves Shake in charge of his ship, and gets a sudden call as he come out of the top. After finding Tommy has set his dad's ship on fire, his dad yells at him due to Tommy blaming him. Shake closes the hatch of the ship and Allen is vaporized by his father.


  1. Two teenagers are blasted by lightning.
  2. George Lowe is blasted by lightning.
  3. An unnamed black citizen is blasted by lightning.
  4. Carl is blasted by lightning.
  5. Frylock is blasted by lightning
  6. Allen is blasted by lightning.


  • On one of Allen's screens, Space Ghost can be found.
  • The Mooninites and Plutonians can be found in Allen's screens.
  • Meatwad takes a new shape in this episode: that of Master Shake.
  • Frylock's "wazzup" voice mail message is recycled from Multiple Meat.
  • Carl makes a cameo in this episode, he is as fat as a blob and is killed by Allen.
  • A Pinball Bird riding a jet ski on Death Island can be found on Allen's screen.
  • As Allen shows Shake how bad he has been, clips from Ol' Drippy, Multiple Meats and Super Bowl are displayed.
  • When one of the muggers is vaporized, the other mugger yells "damn", even though normally most people would be killed for "potty-mouth" language. Since the word is pretty mild, Allen didn't catch the mugger.
  • When Allen orders Master Shake to his fortress, a sign can be seen that reads: "Behave for the Allen" with the second l scritched out with a red marker and replaced with an i. By the next time the fortress is seen, the sign is gone.