Andrew W.K. is an American singer-songwriter. He appears as himself in the episode "Party All the Time." He is hired by Master Shake in an attempt to cheer up Frylock, whom had just been diagnosed with skin cancer.

In The Show[]

One of his hit singles, "Party Hard" can be heard in at least three episodes. "Party Party Party" is used in the Season 4 episodes "Party All the Time" and "Grim Reaper Gutters". "Party Party Party" is also part of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon the Soundtrack.

Guest Appearance in "Party All The Time"[]

Shake, Meatwad, and Carl join Andrew W.K. as the latter performs in the Aqua Teen House living room to cheer up Frylock who had been suffering from skin cancer. Frylock was not amused by the performance and immediately went to his room to try to sleep. Andrew W.K. seemingly does not understand Master Shake's request to play a happier song about partying (as "Party Party Party" is already an extremely upbeat song), so he plays the same song in Frylock's room. Andrew W.K. only has one speaking line in the episode. He simply shouts "Party!" at the end of the opening sequence to the episode.

Real World[]

Music Career[]


  • I Get Wet (2001)
  • The Wolf (2003)
  • Close Calls with Brick Walls (2006)
  • The Japan Covers (2008)
  • 55 Cadillac (2009)
  • Gundam Rock (2009)
  • You're Not Alone (2018)
  • God Is Partying (2021)

Involvement with Cartoon Network[]

Andrew W.K. was also the host of the reality show Destroy Build Destroy which aired on Cartoon Network a few years after his appearance on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He was also an unofficial mascot for the programming block CN Real and performed in a short music video promoting the live actions shows from Cartoon Network at the time.


  • Dave Willis said Andrew W. K. would be the last person he would like to meet if he was diagnosed with cancer. (Citation Needed)
  • It's never addressed why the fictional version of Andrew W.K. agreed to perform for the Aqua Teens and Carl since the Aqua Teens are consistently shown to be living in poverty. (Meatwad even suggests that the electric bill hadn't been paid.) If the episode "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary" is anything to go by, it's possible the caricature performed under the pretense of Shake paying him.
  • Even though the line from Shake about "happier songs about partying" is a joke about how upbeat the "Party Party Party" is, the song ends with a rather depressing guitar section.
  • It is perhaps worth noting that the CN Real block that Andrew W.K. promoted was an indirect consequence of the 2007 Boston Bomb Scandal which resulted from a promotional stunt for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. When Jim Staples stepped down as President of The Cartoon Network in 2007, Stuart Snyder took over and introduced the CN Real block in 2009. This block was short-lived, but Destroy Build Destroy continued airing new episodes into 2011.
  • The cover to his album I Get Wet shows the singer with a serious nosebleed. Andrew W.K. apparently wanted this to be authentic, so he reportedly injured himself with a piece of a cinder block. This did not produce enough blood for his liking, so he used some pig's blood in the photo as well.[1]