"Anime Talk Show" is a short animated feature that aired after the pilot for Perfect Hair Forever which was a parody of anime, hence the name "Anime Talk Show." The short film centers on Space Ghost attempting to have a conversation with Meatwad, Early Cuyler (from Squidbillies), and Sharko (from Sealab 2021).


Space Ghost tries to start a conversation about the program they just watched, but can't seem to get them to say anything about it. Sharko talks about his conception involving bestiality (in the most graphic way possible). Meatwad is surprised, and Sharko repeats himself. Meatwad makes a joke, but no one finds it funny. Space Ghost tries again to get the conversation going but can't. Space Ghost then tells Sharko he should have stopped his traumatic backstory from unfolding (which is obviously impossible). Meatwad tries to cheer Sharko up, but fails miserably. Early then becomes violent, pulling out a gun and threatening Space Ghost and Meatwad. Space Ghost addresses the audience but gets his hand blown off by Early's shotgun. Space Ghost almost adjusts the seating arrangement but decides against it. Meatwad asks where his candy is, but Space Ghost says there isn't any. Sharko is still sad, and Early threatens him, but Sharko points out that this threat is not feasible because of shark anatomy. Meatwad encourages Early to shoot Meatwad, but Space Ghost interrupts. Early fires a shot in the air, and a deceased Zorak falls down. Space Ghost asks Zorak what he thought of the program. The shark creature goes on about his abusive father (while a bear hand drags Zorak's corpse off stage).

Space Ghost tries to cut to a commercial, but this doesn't happen, not that Space Ghost realizes there was no commercial break. His other hand is then blown off by the gun. Meatwad and Early Cuyler laugh, and Space Ghost attempts to start things over. He is about to give a true or false question, but then he falls over (because he's lost so much blood). Meatwad says, "true," and Space Ghost gets up, and asks what the message of the show was, still trying to start a conversation. Meatwad mentions a show called "Bible Fruit," but doesn't know the plot. Sharko makes more depressed comments. Space Ghost receives a video call from someone looking for "Kevin," and Space Ghost attempts to take a message, only to find he doesn't have enough blood to do so. Meatwad inquires when he is going to get more candy, but Space Ghost is more concerned with his own life. Meatwad goes on about this being part of some contract, and Space Ghost gets up to ask about the shark creature's conception, but Meatwad interrupts. Space Ghost gets another call, this time from the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future. Space Ghost immediately becomes tired of Cybernetic Ghost's antics, and destroys the TV set used for video calls. Space Ghosts crawls over to the couch where the others are sitting only to be killed by the shark thing, which then eats Space Ghost's head. Early Cuyler then kills Sharko. The NTSC color test pattern appears on screen, while Early tries to get Meatwad to wear Space Ghost's head as a hat. The bear from earlier starts eating Sharko's body, and Kevin comes in, asking if Barry from earlier called. He gets the message after all and leaves. Space Ghost then signs off.


  • Many people have been confused over the years as to whether this episode aired after the Perfect Hair Forver pilot or the Squidbillies pilot. In truth, the pilot for Squidbillies had fallen behind schedule,[1] and [adult swim], as part of the network's usual form of humor, decided to air the pilot for Perfect Hair Forever in its place.
  • Although his name is not mentioned once, Sharko originally appeared in Sea Lab 2021.
  • Although "Bible Fruit" is mentioned in this episode, it is unlikely Meatwad was talking about the actual episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force because the episode wouldn't air until 2008.


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