"Antenna" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 66th episode overall. It originally aired on December 10th, 2006.


Shake and Meatwad notice that their TV reception has gone completely out, which Frylock goes to investigate. He notices that a massive TV antenna has been constructed directly over Carl's house. It turns out Carl has agreed to permit the installation of the antenna for the whopping sum of "40 large" ($40) a month. Side effects include unstoppable nosebleeds and massive cranial swelling for anybody nearby, as well as Carl's TV channels being replaced with a single live channel showing two aliens pretending to stack boxes while they monitor Carl's obedience and urge him to "Tilt your head back!" to counter the nosebleed.

Frylock decides to go up the tower and investigate (first asking Shake to please not cut down the tower while he is on it, and to wait until he gets back), prompting the aliens to order Carl to tell him to come down. When Frylock refuses to get off the tower the aliens send voice actor George Lowe, "The Voice Master," to stop him. George converses pleasantly with Frylock, although his speech is rambling and somewhat nonsensical, as it doesn't pertain to anything relevant to their situation. After Frylock bluntly refuses to get off the tower, George notes that it doesn't matter whether Frylock gets down or not, since he "still gets paid" in alien currency (40 Yorlocks) which he was assured by his mother as having a favorable exchange rate. According to George, that should provide enough funds to "crank up the generator for another couple of weeks." After rather desperately plugging his voiceover career for a few minutes, even blurting out "Can you get me a permanent gig?" Frylock gets tired of listening, and says "Hey, is that folk art I smell burning?" which distracts George long enough so he can throw him off of the antenna and continue on his way. 

Eventually, Frylock reaches the alien broadcast studio at the top of the antenna, incapacitates the aliens and reveals to Carl that the antenna really goes all the way up to the aliens' planet. He continues to say that they were planning an invasion; Carl, despite having a grossly swollen skull and a colossal nosebleed at this point (which he has bent over backwards nearly in half to try and stop), is unswayed, enjoying his $40 a month. George Lowe has somehow survived his fall and is conversing with Meatwad at the bottom of the tower as Shake begins cutting the legs with a chainsaw. Frylock is able to stop him by saying "they get all the channels up here, even Pay-Per-View!", at which point Shake climbs up himself and is quickly captured by the aliens. Frylock reveals that the aliens really only wanted Shake so he could star in their 24/7 broadcast. He then accepts his 40 Yorlocks as compensation, which the aliens suggest he spend on the services of George Lowe, since 40 Yorlocks will get you "a sketch and a handjob".

The end of the episode shows Shake finally becoming a stand-up comedian on the 24/7 alien channel as Frylock, Meatwad, Carl and George Lowe (all bent over backwards ridiculously with grotesquely swollen skulls and massive nosebleeds), watch in Carl's living room as the blood pools ankle deep on the floor. Meatwad asks Frylock what a handjob is, pulling out 40 Yorlocks, saying he's about to get one.


  1. Carl, Frylock, Meatwad and George Lowe presumably all die of blood loss.


  • "Meatwad: RoidAway. Apply directly to the roid." This is a parody to Head On, the product where there is one step, to apply directly to the forehead. Similar to Meatwad's comments, the infamous commercial for the Head On product is very repetitive.
  • George Lowe references a Larry and Eric, to get a "regular gig"-this is a nod to the Regular Guys radio show that broadcasted on FM radio in the mornings on an Atlanta, Ga. radio station.
  • George Lowe also references legendary voiceover actor Don LaFontaine, famous for narrating movie trailers, frequently beginning them with the phrase "In a world...".
  • As a reference to George Lowe’s most famous role, one of his autographed pictures is a promotional photo for Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
  • The joke about burning folk art that distracts George is a reference to George Lowe's real life love of collecting odd pieces of folk art.[1]
  • George Lowe also briefly impersonates Mason Adams, the longtime voice of Smucker’s.