"Anubis" is the fifth and final episode of the 12th season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 144th episode overall. It aired on December 17, 2023.

Plot Summary[]

Master Shake overhears Carl crying after taking a soggy recliner to the trash. He offers to go with him to the friendship seminar, hosted by Anubis. He notices Shake and Carl in the audience and locks eyes with them, promising Carl all the cash and breasts he desires, and bribing Shake with revealing his recliner wetting secret, under the condition they bring ten friends to him. Back home, Meatwad finds Carl's invitation to have coffee with him. Frylock suspects it's a scam, while Shake hands out cheese cuts to them. Meatwad goes over to Carl's house and introduces Dewey, Vanessa, and Terry the singing train. Anubis blackmails Meatwad for murdering Terry, telling him he needs real friends. Frylock questions why the recliner seat's missing, to which Shake tries to lie his way out of. Carl and Meatwad bring Anubis to meet Frylock, to which Anubis tries making eye contact with Frylock. Frylock is not easily swayed for his persuasions until Anubis offers him a nobel prize for an invention he's working on. Realizing the four are the only friends he knows, Anubis hesitantly brings them to a giant pyramid creature, who ultimately kills Anubis for not being a good friend maker. Frylock calls the pyramid out on his scheme and leaves, as Carl, Shake and Meatwad are subjected and enslaved to work for the pyramid's cause. Shake and Meatwad return home, exhausted and bruised. As they rest, Shake starts to urinate on the recliner, Frylock revealing to have known this for years.


  • In two recent interview videos Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro stated that they'd love to come back to do more Aqua Teen; however, they said the show has not been renewed for any more episodes at this time.[1]


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