The Aqua Teen House is the home of Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad. It is also the main location featured prominently throughout the series. It is located at 1171 Fairley Street (based on Shake's health insurance card, which is shown in "Shake Like Me").


Former residents[]


The Aqua Teen House is visibly dilapidated both inside and out. The roof seems to be caving in, with the external structure covered in damage and graffiti. It features a single garage door at its side. The house's lawn is always shown as being unkempt and overgrown.


The main door is in the shape of Master Shake, which appears to be a modification made judging by the difference in the surrounding bricks. The living room features a giant spool used as a table, and an older standard definition television in front of a green reclining chair. The living room is looking over a kitchen-ette with a burnt out power outlet.


Meatwad's Room has drawings scribbled all over the wall. His bed is a grill and he sometimes has his boombox that he dances to. Meatwad's room is also home to his dolls. Meatwad also has a closet that is filled with a mound of sand and also has a shovel and pail.

Frylock's Room is more high-tech and the only room kept in good condition. He has an actual bed, a poster of himself, a bookshelf, a computer and also other high-tech gadgets including a desktop computer and a picture of him with Dr. Weird.

The Hall Closet has been shown as both a regular closet and the gaping maw of a portal to the Terror Dimension, depending on the episode.

The Living Room features a recliner and a small analog TV set. A dining table sometimes randomly appears for various episodes, though it could conceivably be kept in storage somewhere until needed.


The Attic.

The attic In The Shaving, the attic was the home of an onion-spider hybrid known as Willie Nelson. It is revealed at the end of the episode that the attic housed the countless victims of Willie Nelson, being sealed afterwards. It was mentioned later by Carl in "Robots Everywhere" and the door is shown to be leaking blood. The inside was seen in "Time Machine" but was now devoid of both the bodies and Willie Nelson, and instead contained a few boxes and a dead squirrel. Willie has been in the attic until the end of the final episode, after the remodeling.

The Crawlspace was home to the Love Mummy, whom had been living inside it. Shake stored toxic vats in it during "Super Hero", it housed the Fargate in "Universal Remonster", and it was home to Lance the Duck in "Rubberman."


  • It was revealed in Rabbot Redux that every time the house is destroyed it "magically" repairs itself, a nod to the aformentioned lack of continuity in the series.
  • Meatwad's room looked different in Rabbot
  • The house was remodeled at the end of The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It). The only hint of its original appearance is the leftover molding from the Master Shake door still visible around the new standard-sized door.
  • Master shake sleeps in the living room due to the fact the creators forgot to add a room to the house so now Shake sleeps in the living room.
    • In Hand Banana, Shake says that he doesn't have his own room.