Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever theme

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Theme Song (formally titled "We Rule Your Animated Comedy Ass Forever") is the theme song for the eleventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Y'all ready for this?
My name is
Meatwad: Meatwad, I'm a beef blob
I'm an igloo or a hot dog
Shake: I'm street, I got the beat

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever end credits

You mess with me, you get concrete feet
(Yeah bitches!)
Frylock: I got jacked by the cops they shot my tater tots
Busted the Mooninites for slinging moon rocks
Meatwad: Milk, milk, lemonade
Around the corner fudge is made
Shake: I like spraying booties with my ice cream straw
Treat my hoes like a cop's bear claw
Frylock: Got a Meatwad watch and a lemonade Shake
Do fries go with that? Here come the drum break!
(Aw doughnuts!)
(Yeah boy!)
Aqua Teen won't ever be cancelled
Aqua Teen won't be dismantled
Aqua Teen gonna be together
Aqua Teen gonna be forever!
(Oh no you didn't!)


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