Aqua Teens

The original Aqua Teens (including Chicken Bittle) as they appear before Dr. Weird in the movie

ATHF-Baffler Meal-0

The Aqua Teens, (also known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and briefly known as Aqua Teen Investigations and Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1), were a group of fast food items that briefly solved crimes. Though Master Shake, an incompetent milkshake, liked to think himself the leader, it was Frylock that solved most of the cases. This concept was abandoned after a few episodes, but it was later revisited during Season 8.

The "Aqua Teens" title was brought back in "Banana Planet".

Current Members[]


Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, and Chicken Bittle were created by Dr. Weird. He originally intended on them killing themselves by driving into a brick wall, but Frylock prevented this from happening and the Aqua Teens defected from their creator.

Other Members[]


  • Although the show has no continuity, it is worth noting that Frylock mentions in "Kidney Car" that their detective business was not making them a whole lot of money.
  • In "Robositter," Frylock said that they haven't had a case in three years.
  • In Season 8, the concept of them being detectives returned, though they were no longer called the Aqua Teens. Their new group was called the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad.