Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 season 1 is the eighth DVD release for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

This is the first time an ATHF release is amaray, instead of digipak. This release also marks the first time a full season has been released in its entirety, instead of being sectioned out and released into separate volumes.


Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 season 1 contains all episodes from season 8, as well as episodes 1, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 from season 7.

The menus for the first disc have Dave Willis playing a guitar and singing along with what's on screen, almost forming a song, but not quite. It is also said to have a number of Easter eggs hidden throughout.

The second disc breaks them down with a guitar solo in the main menu, and misc songs that appear on the disc for the set-up and episodes menus.

Disc Breakdown[]


Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 (Disc 1)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Disc 2)

Special Features[]

  • Terror Phone 3: Redialed