Banana Planet is the fourth episode in Season 10 and the 124th overall episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Meatwad and Frylock discover a planet that is shaped like a banana. The planet is seemingly calling for help by spelling out "SOS". Shake believes that "SOS" spells "sauce", and that the inhabitants want some. The next day, The Aqua Teens blast off by using a rocket built under Carl's pool. When reaching the planet, they find the inhabitants that live there which happen to be purple monkeys. The monkeys are not a kind bunch and immediately try to "circumcise" the Aqua Teens by ripping off their thumbs. Shake attempts to lie the monkeys by telling them that he is Jewish, but his thumb is ripped off anyways. After this, Frylock asks why they called for help, and the monkeys explain that they wanted sauce . Frylock then promises them that he will bring them sauce if they let him go back home. They do not, but are soon distracted by one of the monkeys finding enough food to make 3 turds. After leaving the planet, Frylock tells Shake and Meatwad that he had to lie to the monkeys, and that they weren't going to come back. The monkeys who have grabbed onto the rocket, overhear this and attempt to fight them. Frylock throws a piece of ham out of the rocket's window and takes off, Shake cannot part with the ham, so he also jumps out of the same window, landing back on the banana planet. The monkeys plant the ham into the ground, unaware that "it comes from an animal".


  1. Carl burns to death.


  • Meatwad makes a reference to the original ATHF theme when arriving on the planet.
  • Even though the monkeys planned to rip all three of the Aqua Teen's thumbs off, Shake is the only one that has thumbs.
  • In this episode, Shake is shown to be able to smell things through his straw.