Better Buy

Better Buy is a store that sells electronics such as TVs, DVDs, video games, phones, etc. which is a parody of Best Buy.

In "Creature from Plaque Lagoon", Gary the Dairy Fairy takes the Aqua Teens to the Plaque Lagoons original location, which is now Better Buy, but The Creature From Plaque Lagoon walks out of the store moving his TV to his van but he recognizes Gary. Frylock confronts The Creature From Plaque Lagoon about getting their teeth stolen but it turns that he wasn't the one who did it.

In "A PE Christmas", Shake attempts to break into Better Buy to check out to see his album was selling but the store was closed and Shake ended up in jail.

In "Working Stiffs", Shake escapes to Better Buy to watch free cable TV after he and Meatwad failed to assassinate Mr. Dicenzo.