"Bible Fruit" (sometimes titled "Fruits") is the tenth and final episode of the fifth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 78th episode overall. It originally aired on March 23rd, 2008.


It begins with Master Shake wanting Frylock to turn on the television. Frylock refuses because he's on a social networking site with friends. Meatwad wants to watch Futurama while Shake goes on a tirade about how they're too cheap to afford it, that "Carl Central" has it now, and how he didn't want it until they had it. Frylock invites his friends over for a party.

Later that night Shake offers to make a Mojito and Carl shows up for the non-existent strippers and prepares to try to get with the one woman out of Frylock's three friends. However, when his friends show up, it turns out that they are all fruit. Carl leaves and the fruit introduce themselves as Bert Banana, Mortimer Mango and Tammy Tangerine, proselytizing Christians. It is revealed that they are recovering drug and sex addicts and that Bert had his hands replaced with gorilla hands after they were ruined from beating Tammy too much, but that the three have now found Jesus and are clean.

Bert and Frylock argue a bit about religion before Bert asks for a tiny, full glass of rum. Tammy objects and Mortimer pours the whole bottle down the drain to Frylock's chagrin, prompting Bert to fly into a full on booze-hungry rage, accusing Tammy of wanting to "have sex with the fries" and calling her a "sorry sack of tangerine bitch" while he looks for a wrench to dismantle the pipes and drink from the U-trap. Tammy stages a prayer intervention to help him through his moment of weakness, which fails completely, causing him to call her a lying whore and throw her across the room. Frylock and Meatwad flee the house in fear and begin playing checkers on the front lawn as Bert begins tearing the place to pieces (with the gleeful participation of Shake) in search of any alcohol or drugs he can get his hands on, demanding "booger sugar" and promising not to calm down "until cocaine enters [his] system."

After a brief conversation with Mortimer in which he unsuccessfully solicits Frylock for some cocaine, Frylock lies and tells them Shake is full of crystal meth, prompting an instantaneous transition in their personalities as they group up to hunt him down ("The cup has the drugs!"). Meanwhile, Meatwad connects two wires together at Frylock's request while on a tire (to keep him grounded) and blows up the house, killing the fruits right after Bert beheads Shake.


  1. Master Shake gets beheaded by Bert Banana off-screen right before the explosion.
  2. Bert Banana, Tammy Tangerine, and Mortimer Mango are all killed in a house explosion caused by Frylock and Meatwad.


  • The title Bible Fruits was originally used in the Adults Swim Brain Trust short in 2004 when Meatwad described a show that he watched to Space Ghost.
  • The fruits are based on the main characters of the spin-off show named Soul Quest Overdrive. They even share both their names and voice actors.
  • The mention of Futurama being unavailable for viewing at the Aqua Teens' house and Meatwad needing to go over to "Carl Central" if he wants to watch it is a semi-bitter joke from the ATHF crew referring to how Comedy Central bought out the exclusive rights to Futurama after it regained its popularity and viewership due to several years at the 10pm slot on Adult Swim, who had essentially rescued the series from the trash. The show had previously aired during a primetime slot on FOX from 1999 to 2003 until it was canceled due to poor ratings. "They didn't even want it until we had it! Now we're too poor to afford it!" is Shake's commentary on the matter.
  • The Bible Fruit are an allusion to the VeggieTales series, which features anthropomorphic vegetables conveying Christian themes.