"Big Bro" is the premiere episode of Season 9 and the 111st overall episode of the newly-titled Aqua Something You Know Whatever.


Frylock uses the big brother program and tries to bond with a nine year old kid named Gerald, by making a soap box derby car together, Frylock asks him if he likes physics, then assures him he does because "numbers are cool", but Gerald says that the only number he cares about is number 1, leading to Frylock teaching him that winning isn't everything, though Carl comes in to say how it's every only thing ever.

Frylock happily shows to Carl their derby car, with him even noting how it was inspired by Carl's actual car 2 wycked, though he is not happy with it, saying how he can't have them cheapening it with a knockoff or else someone's skin will be ripped off, he then kicks the car over just before Gerald's mom, Darlene comes to pick Gerald up, and Carl immediately falls in love with her, especially noticing her "milf titties", and lies to her by saying how he's also part of the big brother program, and promises her that he'll be there for Gerald's football game tomorrow.

At the football game, Carl acts way too agressively due to Gerald not focusing on the game, to the point where he throws a chair at the field and knocks the judge out with a baseball bat, we then cut to later in a restaurant where Carl asks Gerald if they've bonded yet so that he could see his mom, Frylock then gives Gerald some pennies for him to go play at a crane machine, and confronts Carl about using this kid just to have sex with his mom, though after Carl asks why HE was in it, he admits that it was for the same reason, Gerald then interrupts to tell them the machine took his pennies, and Carl goes to angrily confront the crane for stealing from his "son".

Darlene then comes in, and after a brief conversation with Frylock, becomes enamored with Carl after noticing how strong he is by seeing him destroy the crane machine to get the toys inside of it, she then leaves Gerald at the Aqua Teen House with a bitter Frylock to have sex with Carl for seven days straight. Darlene then comes to the Aqua Teen's House and announces to Gerald she is pregnant, Carl becomes desperate, so Frylock helps him fake his death by infusing him with a crystallized Black widow that places him in a catatonic state for ten days. At the funeral, Frylock tries to hit on Gerald's mom, but she says she's looking for a "real" man, so Frylock tries to prove he's a real man by fighting Carl... while he's still in the coffin, and Darlene instantly falls in love with him, saying how she's "never seen this side of Frylock before" after which Frylock punches Carl's coffin underground, burying him.

Later, at the Aqua Teen's house, Frylock and Darlene put up a picture of their marriage in Meatwad's room, while they decide which color the walls should be painted with, with Meatwad and Shake now living in a fort in the living room. Meanwhile, Carl finally wakes up in the coffin, and while at first happy that he escaped the pregancy, he then realizes he's buried alive with no means of escape.


  1. Master Shake kills himself with a shotgun. (Although he is revived in the end)
  2. Carl is buried alive with no way out.


  • This episode, despite all the hype and promo images, does not include Pepe the Pepper, as he was believed to be a hoax to begin with.
  • The ending credits to Aqua Something You Know Whatever reuses the "Dancing is Forbidden" sample, with new background music.
  • The restaurant was reused from the episode Jumpy George.
  • As Carl is carrying the toys out of the crane machine, a plush of Frylock can be found in the bunch.
  • Shake and Gerald were playing Chutes and Ladders, an actual board game.
  • The car Darlene drives greatly resembles an 80s era Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Trans Am.
  • The 12 oz. Mouse song "F-Off" was used in one scene in this episode.
  • This is the second time Frylock wears a tuxedo and marries someone. The first time was "Multiple Meat" where he married Cheryl Teigs. In this episode, he marries Darlene.