Big Bro

"Big Bro"
Season 9, Episode 01
Original air date June 24, 2012
Production code 901
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Directed by Ned Hastings
Featuring Frylock, Carl Brutananadilewski, Darlene
Also Appearing Gerald, Shake, Meatwad
Parental Advisory TV-14-DLSV

TV-PG-DLSV (second airing, only in U.K.)

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"Big Bro" is the premiere episode of Season 9 and the 111st overall episode of the newly-titled Aqua Something You Know Whatever.


Frylock uses the big brother program to bond with a nine year old kid named Gerald, and to score with his mother. Carl has the same reasons as Frylock, only he has no intention of bonding with the child. Gerald's mom eventually picks Carl, who he later has sexual intercourse with after noticing how strong he is by being assertive to a crane machine. After Gerald's mom comes to the Aqua Teen's house and announces she is pregnant, Carl is desperate, so Frylock infuses him with crystallized Black widow that places him in a catatonic state for ten days. At the funeral, Frylock wants Gerald's mom, so he pushes Carl's coffin underground, burying him alive. Later, at the Aqua Teen's house, Darlene is putting up a picture of Frylock and Gerald's mom's marriage in Meatwad's room, and Shake and Meatwad live in the living room where Shake has made a fort, meanwhile, Carl wakes up in the coffin and is at first happy but then realizes he's buried with no means of escape.


  1. Master Shake kills himself with a shotgun. (Although he is revived in the end)
  2. Carl is buried alive with no way out.


  • This episode, despite all the hype and promo images, does not include Pepe the Pepper, as he was believed to be a hoax to begin with.
  • The ending credits to Aqua Something You Know Whatever reuses the "Dancing is Forbidden" sample, with new background music.
  • Lisa Lampanelli guest stars, providing the voice for Gerald's mother.
  • This episode marks the first time Carl has ever flipped the middle finger.
  • The restaurant reused from the episode Jumpy George.
  • As Carl is carrying the toys out of the crane machine, a plush of Frylock can be found in the bunch.
  • Shake and Gerald were playing Chutes and Ladders, an actual board game.
  • Third time Shake shot himself, the first being The Marines and the second being Juggalo
  • When aired in the UK the second time, the rating changed to TV-PG DLSV, instead of TV-14 DLSV.
  • The car Darlene drives greatly resembles an 80s era Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Trans Am.
  • The 12 oz. Mouse song "F-Off" was used in one scene in this episode.
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