Bingo is a flying, disembodied clown-head. In The Clowning, he (along with Styro-Head) gives Carl a wig that traps him in a Metamorphasis that fully transforms him into a clown. The transformation begins once you simply place the wig onto your head. After a certain amount of time, the symptoms start to consume your body and personality until the Metamorphasis is complete. Once Carl was perfectly possessed by the virus, his skin turned white with dotted purple blotches, grew a clown nose, gained huge feet, a miniature clown car, and would only speak by honking a horn, a complicated language that only Styro-Head is known to understand. Bingo himself is also fluent in this language. He re-appears in The Last One, where he gives Randy the Astonishing a wig. It is unknown what happens to Bingo afterwards as he was not seen again.



  • Bingo communicates by horn.