Booger Fairy
Booger Fairy
Voiced by Dave Willis
Episode count 1
Family The Brain Fairy
Gender Male

The Booger Fairy is a character that appeared in the episode "Brain Fairy." He has pink skin, four wings, two yellow eyes, and four limbs. He collects boogers from children by rubbing them off surfaces with a stainless steel scraper. He will then take the boogers and give the children money in return. The fairy claims to be the father of the Brain Fairy and disproves of his son's profession of collecting brains.

In "Brain Fairy" the Booger Fairy suddenly appears out of thin air at the Aqua Teens house to obtain Meatwad's boogers. Once he arrives, he realizes his son, the Brain Fairy, is there and says "throwing brains, huh" and tells him "I thought we grew out of that." He convinces his son to collect boogers instead of brains, as the Brain Fairy wants to be a fairy just like his father. He then asks his son to join him in collecting boogers at a local school, due to it being flu season. The Brain Fairy then says "That would be swell, dad" as the Booger Fairy grabs his son and flies off into the distance to the elementary school. 


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