"Bookie" is the 6th episode of Season 9 and the 116th overall of Aqua Something You Know Whatever.


Meatwad performs a magic act involving swallowing a sword, making mocha, and shooting darts at Frylock. Carl says he can do a trick involving swallowing half of his necklace, and running the chain between his nostrils, to which Shake bets he can't do. Shake and Carl take the bet to Terry and Dante, and Shake bets $500 of credit that Carl can't do it. When Carl actually does it, Shake bets double or nothing he can't do it again, but yet Carl still manages to do it again. Carl attributes this action to the loss of a sinus cavity in the 80's as a result of snorting cocaine that was cut with bleach.

When Shake says the bet didn't count because he had his fingers crossed, Dante takes Shake in the back room and breaks his fingers, Frylock then withdraws the $1000 to cover Shake's gambling debts and has Shake do chores to work off the money. Later, Meatwad is now placing a bet on the "team with the purple tube socks," and Shake responds by betting that Meatwad is eaten by bees. Losing another bet, Dante pummels Shake terribly, while Meatwad wins a string of bets while Carl starts copying Meatwad's bets to get in on the action. Shake then fakes slipping on a wet floor in an attempt to have the place sued as Carl attempted in order to get a free chimichanga.

Instead, Terry and Dante take Shake back into the back room and sets a belt sander to his mouth and tear the fingers off his hand. Dante finally takes Shake over to the bridge to push him over, just as Meatwad stops him in order to pay off the $140,000 debt that Shake owes them, plus extra when Shake starts insulting Dante and threatening to beat him up. Meatwad then has Carl bust Shake's kneecaps, and finally gets his sword out from his magic trick, betting Shake $140,000 that he can't swallow it. Shake reluctantly attempts it, but does it wrong, shoving the sword through the back of his head and presumably killing himself in the process.


  1. Shake shoves a sword into his mouth, presumably killing him afterwards.


  • Terry's assistant's name is revealed to be Dante.
  • One of the screens shows Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week.
  • The bowling show from “Universal Remonster” appears again, this time, on one of the screens.