Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile phone (right)

The Boost Mobile Phone is a giant life-sized talking phone that appears in the episode, "Boost Mobile", in which Shake and the phone both endorse the aforementioned service provider. Shake claims the talking phone is both his cousin and friend from an unnamed war "like 1,000 years ago." While Shake explains the features that are available with Boost Mobile throughout the episode, the phone can be seen dancing next to him on multiple occasions, repeatedly saying "Where you at, dog?" The phone ultimately meets his demise after the Aqua Teens travel to the center of the earth, where he loses signal and catches on fire due to the scorching heat. At the end of the episode, he and multiple other Boost Mobile phones return to murder Shake with their "downloadable switchblades."

The phone makes a cameo and reappears in a flashback during the episode, "Grim Reaper Gutters."