Boxy Brown (voiced by Dave Willis, voiced by Killer Mike in Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm) is one of Meatwad's homemade dolls. He is, as his name suggests, a cardboard box with a poorly drawn face, mustache, and afro hairstyle to symbolize the appearance of an African American. He speaks in a rich deep voice much like Barry White, and Isaac Hayes. A diagonal zoom-in on his face occurs during almost everything he says, that is also accompanied by disco music that, because of its tempo and prominence of bass guitar, is reminiscent of funk music from the 1970's. He is generally easy going but has been known to randomly threaten Meatwad. He sometimes forces Meatwad to call him the "Duke of New York". Boxy does indeed speak, however, only the person he is directly speaking to is able to hear him. (ex. in Shake Like Me, Frylock used Boxy to hold journals in, and Frylock stated he "just needed a box." To which Boxy responded in an insulting, racist way. Later in the episode also, Master Shake transformed into an African American after being bitten by a radioactive black man, and had several conversations with Boxy from that point onward. This may be either because Boxy was speaking directly to Master Shake, or because they connected more since they were both black) Boxy's voice, demeanor, and personality are reminiscent of a Blaxploitation movie from the 70's.

Boxy has appeared several times. His first appearance was in a promo for the show that was shown at a San Diego Comic Con. He then accompanied Meatwad to a farm instead of going to the Super Bowl in the Season 2 episode, Super Bowl. He was also once left in the care of Carl, leading to a situation that generated one of Boxy's most memorable lines: "He peed on me, bitch!" As of the third season, Boxy has only spoken in four episodes. In the video game Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am he is used as a cheat pickup called the Meatcheat.

Boxy made a brief cameo in the episode Last Last One Forever and Ever, in the Aqua Teens's moving van.

In Rabbot Redux, Boxy can be seen in a pile of the Aqua Teens's possessions that was emptied out of the back of a moving truck by Master Shake.

In Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm, Meatwad alters Boxy's design to more resemble Frylock, and offers Boxy to Frylock as a replacement for his fry box.


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