"Broodwich" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 34th episode overall. It originally aired on November 2nd, 2003.


Opening: Dr. Weird tries to inflate himself with barbecue sauce. Steve doesn't think it will work.

Shake is arguing with Meatwad over his Battlefield Earth cups, when Frylock comes holding a hand drawn treasure map to trick Shake into planting some azalea bushes. Shake goes outside and begins digging for the imaginary treasure. Shake however digs too deep and ends up destroying the water and gas lines. Shake's digging then causes a sinkhole, which he falls into and lands in a cavern filled with skulls. Shake hears a voice telling him to eat a sandwich which he found in the hole. He takes a bite and is transported to a strange land where he looks oddly different. Frylock goes into the hole sees the skulls and tells Shake that what he holds is not just a sandwich ... it's the Broodwich, which is immortal, and as long as you don't ingest it you will be okay. Shake immediately starts eating it again and is transported again. He sees a strange being (Jerry), who comes after him with an axe. Shake returns to his world, and talks to The Voice about the sandwich, in which the the voice described it.

Later, Shake tapes the sandwich to the ceiling so he won't eat it, with Frylock telling him to just get rid of it. But Shake being Shake instantly gives into temptation and climbs to the ceiling and eats it, teleports back, sees the creature with the axe, and regurgitates it up, teleporting back to his world. Shake tries to get Meatwad to eat the sandwich by shoving it into Meatwad's mouth who promptly teleports, and then teleports back. Meatwad tells Shake that it wasn't bad, so Shake takes the sandwich and teleports back, having eaten the sandwich. However, Shake had removed the sundried tomatoes, which is why he came back, and it angers The Voice. Both Frylock and Meatwad leave the room while Shake watches television. The Voice tells Shake that he won, and has passed the test of the Broodwich, and he gets to marry a skeleton. Shake says, "Hell no," and the voice says that Shake passed the final test, and now he gets free brain surgery. Post-brain surgery, Shake then eats the tomatoes, resulting in getting killed by Jerry, ending the episode.


  1. Dr. Weird will most likely die after filling his body with sauce.
  2. Master Shake is axed by Jerry when given a lobotomy.

Cultural references[]

  • The alternate dimension is a homage to the animation style from animator Don Hertzfeldt, who was an early influence on the Aqua Teen writers.


  • This is one of the very few episodes that Carl does not appear.
  • This episode marks the return of H. Jon Benjamin as Mr. Sticks. H. Jon Benjamin is one of the only non-staff guest to have done more than two episodes of the show. He voiced Mothmonsterman in the earlier episode "Bus of the Undead" and the later episode, "The Last One".
  • This was one of the highest rated episodes in this season's run of the show.
  • In the cold opening, Dr. Weird inflates himself with barbecue sauce. In "Revenge of the Trees", Steve impersonates Dr, Weird, telling Javier to fill him with barbecue sauce.
  • This episode is known for having a higher frame rate compared to other episodes of this season.