Brownie monster

Two of the brownie-mosters next to carl who is within a cocoon

The Brownie-monsters are a combination of normal brownies and Mothmonsterman's DNA. They make their first appearance in "Bus of the Undead", where they are accidentally created by Shake when he threw a pan of normal brownies into Frylock's cloning machine before they left to Memphis to visit Dracula's grave, eventually, they got mixed with the Mothmonsterman's DNA and started rampaging in the neighborhood.

They make their next appearance in "The Last One", where they join the The Mooninites's group along with other past villains to take revenge on the Aqua Teens, though they end up getting shot by The Mooninites's "Quad Laser" for naming their group "CLICK-CLICK-CLICK-CLICK-CLICK". Since the laser shot at Carl just sent him to the moon, the Brownie-Monsters most likely lived. Their last appearance was in "A PE Christmas", where one of them is seen attending church.