The Canadian Puppet is a character that appears in "The Marines". He wears a white goalie mask, two gloves, and a bloody, tattered hockey jersey featuring a menacing version of the Canadian Maple leaf on it, with eyes and teeth. He holds a spiked wooden hockey stick and has long black hair. The doll has orange glowing eyes and speaks in a deep, threatening voice.

During his appearance, he captures Frylock and places him in a red barn labeled "Canada." He attaches a metal trap to Frylock's head and communicates to him via a nearby television. He explains to Frylock that the key needed to release him from the device is implanted in his brain. Frylock eventually discovers that the headpiece was just held up by a twist tie and easily removes it. Frylock decides to leave, as the puppet desperately tries to get him to stay, saying "C'mon man, hang out", and admitting that he is lonely. 



  • The Canadian Puppet is a reference to Billy the Puppet from the Saw franchise.