Carl's House is the residence of Carl Brutananadilewski. It is located at 328 Fairley Street, next door to the Aqua Teen House.



Compared to the Aqua Teen House next door, Carl's house appears to be well-maintained. The house has blue vinyl siding with white trim, and awnings are affixed to the windows. It features a garage at its side which seems to never be used. Carl's lawn is consistently shown to be mowed; in earlier seasons a "for sale" sign was placed in the front yard. The back yard includes Carl's Pool.

Much like Carl's car, 2 Wycked, his house is frequently defaced, damaged or destroyed thanks to the antics of the Aqua Teens.


The Living Room contains posters of former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber and ex-Giants coach Bill Parcells ("TUNA"). On a table near his yellow couch is a "G-Men Superbowl 2008 SuperChampion Superfan" lamp with #56 (Giants linebacker Lawrence "L.T" Taylor's number) on the side; this lamp is eventually stolen by Lance the Duck in order to form his head. Carl's one expensive item inside the house is a large front-projection flatscreen television on which he frequently watches pornography and infomercials until he falls asleep.

The Bedroom features a full-wall decal of a tropical beach on one wall, along with a poster featuring a bikini-clad girl next to a leopard with "ANIMALISTIC" written in leopard-print pattern. The other walls appear to have been sloppily painted purple, with drips of paint visible along the edges of the stained carpet. One wall features a poster of New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza. The nightstand features a lamp in the shape of a woman in a one-piece bathing suit, a large bottle of lotion and a roll of paper towels (for obvious reasons).

Carl claims to "work out of the home", although he's never been shown to actually do any work and the interior of his house shows no sign of any work going on. At various points he is shown to be selling counterfeit sports and music merchandise, which may account for some of his income.