Carl and Carl Jr

Carl and his son Carl, Jr. are floating brains from outer space who target Carl Brutananadilewski, or more specifically his brain, in the Season 4 episode "Carl Wash."


Carl and Carl Jr. are both large, floating brains with googley eyes. Carl, Sr. wears a large, tall, blue wig, while Carl, Jr. wears a cap. Carl, Jr. also dons a plastic smile.


Carl and Carl, Jr. are likely insane, as they seem to believe that Carl Brutananadilewski's brain, once removed from his body, would float like them and assist them. This didn't happen.

Carl, Sr. speaks in a very deep and threatening voice, while Carl, Jr. speaks in high-pitched gibberish. Carl, Sr. is very stubborn and may not be a very good listener. We would know more about Carl, Jr.'s personality if we could better understand him.


  • Although it is very briefly brought up, this Carl's last name is "Brain."
  • They originally appeared in the Space Ghost: Coast to Coast episode "Chambraigne."