Carl Brutananadilewski is one of the four main characters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

He is the unfortunate neighbor of the Aqua Teens, a position that has caused him massive, untold amounts of grief over the course of several years.


The son of a divorced one-time military man and eventual factory worker (Carl's Dad), Carl grew up without a mother in abject poverty, being forced to work at the insulation factory with his father at the young age of eight. In the episode Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, he is shown in 1968 with his mother absent, receiving a carpet sample as his only Christmas gift (which Carl and his father presumably then boil and consume for Christmas dinner). The Christmas tree is bare and decorated with empty beer cans. Since he later reconnects with his mother when she's bedridden in a Veteran's Hospital, it is presumed he grew up in his father's custody after his parents divorced.

His shockingly poor and neglectful upbringing may shed some light on his later habits and personality.

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Carl is a short-tempered, ignorant, vulgar, poorly groomed and very sarcastic individual. His primary interests include things such as sports (his favorite NFL team is the New York Giants), pornography (which furthers his favorite activity, masturbation), and the classic rock bands Foreigner, Loverboy, Judas Priest, Krokus, Bryan Adams, and Boston, especially their song "More Than a Feeling".

Although, Carl is not typically depicted as being religious, he did state that he was Catholic during an episode of Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although Carl does not possess any superpowers, he has been shown to have great physical strength. In "Bookie", he was strong enough to restrain Dante, who is capable of breaking a large rock with his bare hands. Carl also easily overpowered Frylock in "Bart Oates" and Shake in "The Meat Zone". He can also swallow his gold chain and floss it through his nostrils, which he does multiple times at Master Shake's request for a bet.


His car, 2 Wycked, a red Dodge Stealth ES (based off of Matt Maellaro's real life car) with a spoiler, chrome rims, a false hood intake and side decals proclaiming the car's name in stylized script, is usually parked on the sidewalk in front of his house, despite his house having both a driveway and a garage. He is shown washing and waxing it on several occasions. Since it is the one thing Carl appears to have any pride in, it regularly gets stolen, destroyed or both in various episodes.


As Carl's appearance might suggest, he is extremely low-brow in his tastes, and has been known to frequently visit strip clubs (his favorite is "Melon Shakers") and enlist the services of various prostitutes. He is an alcoholic, often shown drinking canned beer until he passes out on his living room floor. In the episode The Intervention he is arrested for DWI after drinking 18 beers and wrecking 2 Wycked with a hooker in the passenger seat while travelling 136mph in a 25mph school zone. He ends up getting Tasered after getting belligerent with the police officer and has an alcohol ignition interlock device installed in his car so he can't drive unless he is sober. He gets around it by bringing Meatwad along to blow in the tube on his next trip to Melon Shakers.

Carl cares very little about his own personal health, believing that everyone will die young anyways. He doesn't exercise, instead using dangerous and sometimes illegal dieting methods. He also likes eating large amounts of food at once, either they be several dozen chicken-wings, many boxes of candy or a flash-fried cow.

Aside from drinking and hookers, Carl is extremely fond of sports and has a strong, almost fanatic loyalty to New York sports teams such as the Giants and the Yankees. This is reflected in his spin-off Internet series Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week on Adult Swim Video.

Friends, family and associates[]

Carl's only known friends and associates other than the Aqua Teens include Terry, an old friend (cousin in "Laser Lenses") who is an ex-con who now does illegal plastic surgery in a van and an auto repair garage down by the docks, Vishal, his insurance agent, and former classmates Donna Bryson and Denise Zambrano (neither of which can actually remember his name when he calls at 2am to sexually harass them).

In "Buddy Nugget" Frylock uses his social media invention The Buddy Nugget to summon two men who are very similar in appearance, attitude, and interests to Carl's house. They fight at first, but are later shown hanging out together.

Carl has a second cousin, Denise, whose claim to fame is once having given a handjob to the singer Meatloaf after a show in Newark, New Jersey. He calls her during Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula to see if she can arrange for him to play a benefit concert, and also to "lord over her" that she once gave him a handjob. 

On a couple of occasions Carl is seen arguing on the phone with his mother, who he apparently abandoned in a Veteran's Hospital and doesn't visit but continues to support financially to some degree. When he finally visits her during the events of Wi-Tri, he does it only to try and "turn [her] into a triangle", saying he "doesn't wanna kill [her] or nothin', just shut [her] up". When he gets there, she is shown to be morbidly obese, bald and sloppy, much like an older female version of Carl. She angrily accuses him of "not paying for the meal plan", which causes him to respond (only half-jokingly) "What? You think I'm trying to starve you to death?".

The fact that his mother resides in a Veteran's Hospital suggests Carl's father was at one point a member of the military (prior to becoming an insulation factory worker as seen in the 1968 Christmas flashback).


Carl's musical influences include Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Boston, Judas Priest, Loverboy, Ted Nugent, Krokus and Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean" was sung a capella and air-performed (complete with a sloppy air drum solo) by a drunken Carl in an effort to impress the Sirens enough to let him and John Kruk have sex with them. He claims to have seen most of these bands live in concert and has a wide array of band memorabilia from the tours (such as a loincloth from Ted Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever tour he wears on laundry days), although he views Boston's More Than a Feeling as the best song in the universe.

While many travel to the beat of a different drummer, Carl has specified the drummer he moves to, specifically the drummer from Foghat, despite being unable to remember his name. Carl has also written his own hard rock song called I Want to Rock Your Body ('Til the Break of Dawn), which he performed a capella for a whore he picked up and took home after getting newfound confidence from a clown-infected hairpiece in The Clowning.



Out of the three Aqua Teens, Carl seems to like Frylock the most. In the first two seasons, Carl usually gets annoyed by Frylock because of the weird things going on. Starting in Season 3, Carl starts hanging out with the Aqua Teens a lot more. In the episode, Intervention, Frylock bails Carl out of jail for D.U.I and since he got the tube, he will try to use Frylock to fly him to Melon Shakers, but Frylock refused to because of Carl's irresponsible behavior. After he caught Carl and Meatwad drunk at the convenient store, Frylock starts an intervention and helps Carl to sober up. Their relationship is further explored in an episode of Party All the Time when Carl at first felt sorry for Frylock when he found out that he had cancer, but then basically asked Frylock when he was going to die. Despite that, Carl has also shown times where he would disfavor Frylock. It appears much of his frustration towards him stems from how he is Frylock designated guinea pig for experiments such as with the environmentally friendly super toilet or the vampire virus vaccine, both of which horribly backfired on Carl. In "Time Machine" Carl hesitantly abandoned Frylock in what they both thought was the apocalyptic Earth thousands of years in the future.

Master Shake[]

It is made perfectly clear that Carl likes Shake the least out of all three Aqua Teens. They seemed to be more hostile towards each other than friends. Shake had been very disrespectful to Carl such as breaking in to his property, vandalizing, humiliating, assaulting, and taunting him. Whenever Carl gets very annoyed by Shake's behavior he will sometimes threaten Shake such as pointing a shotgun towards him. They do occasionally hangout but not as much as he does with Frylock and Meatwad, in fact, Carl and Shake's relationship doesn't seem to change much in later seasons. In Bookie, when Meatwad orders Carl to bust Shake in the kneecap, he replied it as his pleasure, which it seems to show Carl's hatred towards Shake. As much as they do hate each other, they do have small instances where they act like friends. In "The Duties", Carl actually helps Shake in becoming a "cool person" and in "Revenge of the Trees" he thoroughly has a good time with Shake during their Labor Day party. In "Freda", Carl shows that as much as he loves sex, he's not willing to kill Shake with a shotgun for it. When he discovers that Shake died in "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)", he showed genuine sadness over it before asking Meatwad if he is sure.


Out of the three Aqua Teens, Carl doesn't really seem to care for Meatwad but he does hangout with him the most out all Aqua Teens. In the episode, Super Bowl it is shown that Carl is not above attempting to manipulate Meatwad in the name of personal gain. In early episodes, it has been shown that Carl dislikes physical contact with Meatwad because of the mess it leaves on both him and his home. But he is a lot more kinder to Meatwad out of all three, He would stand up for Meatwad from his troubles such as Shake bullying Meatwad.

Internet Spin-Off[]

In 2007, Carl began to host his own internet series titled Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week[1] on the Adult Swim website. The show is mainly about Carl's feelings and comments on sports.


  1. Bus of the Undead: Killed by Mother Monster Man's offsprings.
  2. Interfection: Either dies from lack of oxygen or blood loss from his fingers.
  3. PDA: Jumps out of his window.
  4. Super Birthday Snake: Impaled by Frylock with a machete. (In the simulation)
  5. Total Re-Carl
    1. Shredded alive by Frank's environmentally friendly toilet.
    2. Dies twice when his life support is cut off by Frylock.
  6. The Shaving: Gets his arms ripped off by Willie Nelson.
  7. Kidney Car: Has his head explode.
  8. The Clowning: Frozen alive by Frylock and then broken into pieces after falling over. 
  9. The Dressing: Blown up by multiple Turnaround.
  10. The: Dies of conjunctivitis.
  11. The Cloning: Killed by Frylock with a shotgun. (On the TV)
  12. Video Ouija: Gets crushed by Ultra Mega Chicken.
  13. Gee Whiz: Gets hit by a flaming arrow, causing his upper body to explode.
  14. EDork: Explodes along with Shake after getting electrocuted by their Helmets.
  15. Diet: Has a parasite come out of his body, killing him.
  16. Carl: Gets skinned alive and then shot by the security robot.
  17. Aqua Teen Cancelation Promo: Has his upper-body explode.[2]
  18. Global Grilling: Congested by the Mucus Men. (In Shake's daydream)
  19. Grim Reaper Gutters: Killed by Dan.
  20. Bart Oates: Gets shot in the head by Shake with BB gun, causing a pellet to get lodged inside of his brain.
  21. Antenna: Dies of blood loss along with Frylock, Meatwad, and George Lowe.
  22. Earth: Dies when the entire planet explodes.
  23. Colon Movie Film for Theaters:
    1. Gets set on fire by the Plutonians' spaceship.
    2. Gets his muscles removed by Dr. Weird with a knife.
  24. Boston: Blown up by the SWAT Team.
  25. Couples Skate: Gets squeezed to death by Paul.
  26. Gene E.: Gets eaten by ants while shrunken. 
  27. She Creature: Explodes when the Mermaid's babies burst out of his body.
  28. 2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five: Gets mauled by Chewbacca after mooning him.
  29. Last Last One Forever and Ever: Dies in a fiery explosion along with Shake and Frylock.
  30. Rubber Man: Dies of blood loss after his arms are sawed off.
  31. Monster: Gets decapitated by Shake.
  32. Larry Miller Hair System: Shoots himself in the head. (In the simulation) 
  33. One Hundred: Gets decapitated by the 100 Monster.
  34. Allen Part 2: Gets blasted by Allen's lightning.
  35. Freedom Cobra: Killed by a chainsaw and then eaten by Master Shake.
  36. The Creditor: Gets his spine ripped out by the Creditor.
  37. Vampirus: Eaten alive by vampires.
  38. Wi-fi: A drill goes through his body vertically.
  39. Lasagna: Jumps out of a window.
  40. Big Bro: Buried alive with no way out. 
  41. Totem Pole: Dies along with Shake when an army of skeletons show up and eat them.
  42. Banana Planet: Burns to death. 
  43. Working Stiffs: Shot to death by mobsters.
  44. Storage Zeebles: Mauled by the Night Wolf.
  45. Vikings Vs. Bears (2014 Season): Devoured by a horde of bears.
  46. Sweet C: Internally attacked by bees when they go into straw that leads to his mouth.
  47. Knapsack!: Blown up by a missile along with Master Shake, Meatwad, Frylock, Jubilee, Knapsack, and Gypsy the GPS.
  48. Hospice: Burned to death by Dolores Brutananadilewski.
  49. The Greatest Story Ever Told:
    1. Gets his head shot off by Frylock's lasers.
    2. Decapitated by a sword.
    3. Shredded alive by Frylock's environmentally friendly toilet bowel.
    4. Breaks off pieces of his body and shreds them with a blender.
    5. Gets his head ripped off while tied to a tree.
    6. Gets his head shredded by a lawnmower.
    7. Gets hit by a car.
    8. Shredded alive by a helicopter.
    9. Gunned down by several past villains.
    10. Gunned down by the police.
    11. Gets electric chaired several times, four times on-screen.
  50. Slim Jim Commercial 2017: Burns to death in a fiery explosion. 
  51. Merlo's Revenge Upon Unbelieveable Ron: Crushes his head due to breakdancing on the pavement.
  52. While: The Nuts are Piss: Eviscerated after the cabin he is inside transforms back into the head of Zena robots.
  53. Get Lit Upon a Situation: Perishes from the comet's collision.

Total Amount of Deaths: 70

Criminal Record[]

  • Assault / Battery: In "Unremarkable Voyage", Carl manipulates Shake into hitting himself with a baseball bat while trapped in his brain with Frylock and Meatwad. In Space Conflict From Beyond Pluto, Carl beats up Shake with a tire iron inside an escape pod.
  • Drunk Driving: In Intervention, Carl gets arrested for drinking and driving.
  • Eco-Terrorism: In "Revenge of the Trees", Carl and Shake dump the large container of fry oil in the forest.
  • Murder: In Deleted Scenes, Carl shoots Shake with a shotgun.
  • Resisting Arrest: In "Lasagna", Carl tries to evade the electric fence while on house arrest in pursuit of Shake's lasagna.
  • Threat: In "Ezekiel," Carl threatens to shoot Ezekiel with a shotgun when he comes back to Carl's house.


  • The character was originally conceived in Space Ghost Coast to Coast. He was originally going to be named Dominic and would have been Space Ghost's next-door neighbor. A scene that would have feature him in the episode "King Dead" was cut.
  • Out of all the characters, Carl has the highest death count in the show.
  • Out of all the main characters on the show, Carl has been in the least amount of episodes.
  • In "Larry Miller Hair System", it's revealed that Carl has a tiny penis which he is very insecure of.
  • Carl's car, 2 Wycked, is Matt Maiellaro's actual car. Like all backgrounds and props used in the show, it was created using Photoshop paint tools.
  • Dual Core's first album, Zero One, features a single about Carl called, "2 Wycked."
  • There is an episode named after Carl, but it is named, "Spacegate World," on the official DVD release.
  • Carl makes a voice cameo in the video game Grand Theft Auto V, as an angry caller on the in-game radio station FlyLo FM.
  • Carl has appeared in an advertisement for Carl's Jr. and a few ads for Slim Jim. He also appeared with Meatwad to promote Deadpool 2.

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