"Circus" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It originally aired on November 17th, 2002.


Cold open[]

Dr. Weird emboldens the gentlemen to "Behold!" some corn. Steve goes to eat it, but the corn attacks Steve.

Main Plot[]

Master Shake announces that he is taking Meatwad to computer camp, but he's actually going to sell him to a circus. Meatwad and, oddly enough, Frylock both believe him. Shake is horrified when he meets his buyer face to face. Randy the Astonishing is skeptical about Meatwad being "Meat Mountain," but Shake still manages to con Randy into buying Meatwad. At the circus, Randy is extremely dissappointed to find that Meatwad can only morph into different shapes, mostly an igloo and a hotdog. Surprisingly, though, this is actually enough to bring in large crowds.

Later, Frylock has purchased a toy computer for Meatwad. Frylock then finds out through Carl, that Meatwad is working at the circus, with strippers dancing around him. Shake, Carl, and Frylock head to the circus, and Carl becomes upset that the strippers are missing, while Shake becomes jealous of Meatwad. Shake tries more than once to outshine Meatwad, and Randy allows him to, against his better judgement. Meatwad says Shake isn't really "The Martian Milkshake" and Randy reveals he's the prince of Jupiter, sent to conquer Earth by "infiltrating [the human] gene pool." After trying several times to explain the innuendo to Meatwad, Randy becomes somewhat depressed.

While trying out a new shape, later on, Meatwad is left unable to change shape, despite the midnight show being sold out, which leaves Randy no other choice but to send out Shake in an obvious Meatwad disguise. With the crowd becoming disappointing, Randy sticks out his inner mouth, revealing a much more threatening voice. As misfortune would have it, Randy's father––the king of Jupiter––was in the audience and joins his son in wrecking havoc.

In a bizarre ending, Meatwad and Frylock have a discussion about the Indian burial ground coming up through the pipes again, but Meatwad says it's just his circus friend "Inside-Out Boy," who needed a place to stay. Shake then comes out saying he ate a bath-tub full of cherry cobbler, which is presumably Inside-Out Boy.


  1. Steve is impaled and attacked by Dr. Weird's corn.
  2. Inside-Out Boy is devoured by Shake, thinking that he's cherry cobbler.


  • When Randy the Astonishing was coming in the alley; Master Shake said "Whoa" but his lips didn't move when he said it.
  • The circus scene was taken from an old episode of Scooby Doo.
  • Meatwad is revealed to be able to shift into more shapes than his usual hot dog or igloo, as he is seen as a samurai Abe Lincoln, or as Meatwad calls "Wayne Grezky" (a professional hockey player).
  • Randy throws a lot more than two dollars at Shake; however, Shake doesn't pick any of the money up.
  • This is one of the first times Carl has actually made an effort to interact with the Aqua Teens, as opposed to avoiding them at all costs.
  • Meatwad later uses the toy computer which was purchased by Frylock in Hand Banana.