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The cloner is a piece of machinery in Frylock's room. It was presumably created by Frylock, but this has never been confirmed. It could be possible that it was actually ordered online or created by Dr. Weird. It was used only twice in the first two seasons of the show, and it did not appear again until "Intervention."


Frylock's cloner can copy both living and non-living things, despite it being impossible in the real world to clone something without DNA. It can also scan DNA, as was its original purpose in "Bus of the Undead." It is not perfect. When Shake put Brownies in the machine along with a DNA sample form Mothmonsterman, it created twelve Brownie Monsters. Frylock's use of the machine may or may not be important. In "Bus of the Undead," he offers to let Mothmonsterman use the cloner to populate his species; however, Frylock states that the machine is a bit dangerous because "matter breaks down over time" before changing his mind.


The Cloner was first used in "Bus of the Undead," where Frylock was trying to find out who defaced Shake's flag. After Frylock left the room to take Shake to Memphis, Shake put some Brownies in the machine, creating the Brownie Monsters, containing DNA from Mothmonsterman and said Brownies. Frylock later offers Mothmonsterman to use his cloner to populate Mothmonsterman's species, despite telling Shake he couldn't. This never came to be as the Brownie Monsters came and, presumabley, killed Mothmonsterman.

The cloner wasn't brought back until "The Cloning." Shake breaks yet another Television set for no reason and starts to wonder where the new one is. He goes to ask Frylock, who informs him that he will only recieve one more T.V., because of the dangers of using the cloner too much. Shake immediately breaks it, then coaxes Frylock into giving him one more. This T.V. set shows very frightening images of the characters, including a scene where Frylock kills Carl. Shake decides to start cloning money not too long after the cloned T.V. shows a rather deranged Shake (or rather, more deranged than usual). Frylock decides to take advantage of this as well, so he can open a restaurant chain to "feed the starving children of the world." The cloner then summons George Washington who tells Frylock and Shake what they're doing is wrong, before getting killed by Frylock.

It was used again in "Intervention," where Frylock tries to clone Jesus Christ, only to find that the hair actually belonged to his gay hairdresser Rupert, who was brought back instead.


  • The Brownie Monsters could be a reference to The Fly.
  • Frylock states that the cloner is dangerous, because matter breaks down over time. This is incorrect, as one cannot destroy or create matter. Of course, this would mean the idea of using a cloner like Frylock's would also be impossible.
  • The cloner could have been used to determine Ezekiel's age and relation to Shake. Additionally, Frylock could have potentially used it instead of the "Make Your Own Dog 1.0" software in "Hand Banana."