Come Visit Me Dawg

"Come Visit Me Dawg" is a song by Little Brittle, a reincarnation of MC Pee Pants. It was released as a ploy to get a vampire to come and bite the elderly Little Brittle, so he could become a vampire and be immortal. Surprisingly, it worked, but Little Brittle stepped out into the sun and immediately died.

In the real world, it was actually performed by MC Chris for the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Please come Visit Me, dawg

Well back in 1912, I could kick your ass
I did the tango and the foxtrot before it got banned
There was ragtime and jazz before there ever was rap
Now I'm trapped with a colostomy bag in my pants
I just rap just to get by

Now I'm kicked to the side
Sucking blood from the back of my neck, I recollect
Suffer jet, just to get

In my himley. Oh, himley, I think you're better with me ... OH!
So I got liver spots bigger than Dalmatian dots, I'm all alone,
won't you come visit me, dawg?

Please come visit me, dawg.
The residue of many, who are about to die
Emitted from Tragic Castle which I now reside
Please come before seven, that's when they close the blinds
Strap me down, steal my watch, which is no surprise
I suck apple sauce through a bendy straw
When I poop, all the nurses come in and applaud
I use to slap at their...

Bowel trouble, yo. Stool sample. Soft and loose,
soft and loose, you got to give me the juice, the Metamuce

Roll me, Homie
My hips all bony, I getting sores, I getting lonely