The unnamed Computer Repair Woman is a character that appears in "Fry Legs." She is also featured in several other episodes as a non-speaking background character.

In "Fry Legs", she is the subject of Frylock's obsession and is constantly called to the Aqua Teens' residence to fix his computer, which is actually just unplugged. His obsession with her is unwanted, and yet twisted, planning bizarre attempts to try to win her over. Though, after her fiance, Ray catches wind of his fixation, he threatens Frylock, leading the latter to kill him. After obtaining the remains of her lover, Frylock transforms himself into a Frankenstein-like version of Ray, and later, being in Ray's body, makes an effort to propose to the woman. Though, she reveals that now due to his severe disfiguration, she does not intend to look after him for the remainder of her life. She later reveals that she is also a C.H.U.D: Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller. She then deserts Frylock and runs off to live within the sewers. At the end of the episode, the very ignorant Shake makes an attempt at flattering her but is brutally killed after being dragged into the sewers.

As said before, she makes brief cameos in multiple other episodes later in the series. During these minor appearances, she has no lines and is only used as a background character, mostly used within crowds.