"Couples Skate" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 72nd episode overall. It originally aired on February 3rd, 2008.


The Aqua Teen's house is rented out once again, this time to a giant white monster named Paul, who during the night, screams and destroys the house. Carl calls Markula to complain, but he sees no problem with any of it. Fed up, Carl calls Frylock, revealing that he, Shake, and Meatwad are caught in a giant spiderweb beneath a giant spider piñata, which is filled with spiders. Markula has trapped them there and threatens to break the piñata unless they pay the rent for October, which Frylock refuses to do because of the gas leak. Frylock pleads for Carl to locate and rescue them before they are used as birthday games, but Carl is hesitant. The birthday in question is for Markula, who is turning 4,040, and he invites Carl and Paul to go. Later, Frylock calls Carl again and tells him to retrieve a bottle of garlic champagne from his room. At the party, Carl spills the liquid on Markula, causing him to melt into nothing. Then Paul grabs hold of Carl, but the liquid doesn't affect him. The Aqua Teens, not knowing what Paul is, leave, and when the DJ announces a couple skate, Paul gets so excited he squeezes Carl until his head comes off, prompting the spider piñata to break and the spiders to crawl out.


  1. Several police officers are killed by Paul.
  2. Markula melts after having garlic champagne thrown at him.
  3. Carl is squeezed to death by Paul.


  • Carl claims he calls the cops to have them come over though they took one look and kept driving. However, Carl has said in previous episodes that cops don't answer his calls.
  • This episode is later referenced in Vampirus though a flashback.