D.P. and Skeeter, also known as the Frat Aliens, are two blue aliens that belong to some unnamed, outer space college fraternity, and talk and act like stereotypical "frat boys". They are both voiced by Patton Oswalt. Aside from D.P. and Skeeter, there is a third frat alien, identified as "Pledge" who never speaks.


  • D.P. is the dumber and more obnoxious of the pair, who tries to impress others by mentioning that his father owns a dealership. His name is actually a nickname, which he says stands for "Donkey Puncher", a.k.a., "D to the P" and "Donkey Puncherello". He has a tattoo on his lung because his dad would kill him if he knew. His real name, according to his library card, is Donald Baker-Schwartzberg II. He mentions already having flunked out and intends to work at his dad's dealership.
  • Skeeter is more level-headed than D.P., but just as self-indulgent. His real name is Zarnold Edward Quigley, which he despises. He majored in business. His interests include drinking and partying.

The pledge.

  • Pledge a third frat alien who never speaks. He is a pledge who is harassed by both D.P. and Skeeter. During "Frat Aliens" Frylock concluded that he has died (despite him shaking still) but D.P. simply responds "Well, when he wakes up, make him drink". He is referred to as "Ass head".


One night while flying around space drunk (and after hitting the Plutonian's ship) they spot Carl's laser fence from their ship. Carl had previously installed it in order the keep the Aqua Teens off his property. The frat aliens then fly directly into the fence causing it to crash the ship. After crashing, D.P. picks a fight with Carl only to be broken up by Skeeter.

On Earth, D.P. attempts to flirt with Frylock (thinking he's a girl), and soon after tries to kiss Meatwad. Skeeter soon after abruptly leaves for his home planet. The next day, D.P. wakes up at 1pm disoriented and confused asking Frylock several questions, while at the same time Shake has adapted their attitude and started drinking. Frylock rigs up a homemade rocket to send D.P. back to space after he becomes increasingly annoyed by Master Shake.

In "The Last One" they are both killed by what appeared to be a female of their species on the surface of The Moon, who grabs them with a pair of barbed tentacles from her nipples, then uses her toenail sawblades to cut them up and then swallows them whole. They both return as the secondary antagonists in the video game, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am, and are mentioned in "Allen Part One" when Master Shake is unfrozen after nine years looking for people around his house (despite neither of them being around their house in years).



  1. Frat Aliens: D.P. is slaughtered by Carl's security system.
  2. The Last One: D.P. has his nipples impaled by needles while his lower body is shredded by a female alien and eaten alive along with Skeeter.
  3. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Theme Song: D.P. was eaten by Meatwad.


  • They are one of the many alien species to appear on the show.
  • They are constantly stoned.