Voiced by Ned Hastings
Episode count 3
Gender Male
Job Gutter Salesman
Abilities Can kill a being just by touching them
Quote "I'm Dan, from Grim Reaper Gutters. I will not leave until I make a sale."

Dan is a gutters salesman that works for a company known as Grim Reaper Gutters, and he appears in the episode, "Grim Reaper Gutters". He is a tall, slender being who wears a long black cloak and carries a red gutter pipe with him. When he is selling gutters, he will approach someone and refuse to leave them alone until he makes a sale, killing them if they refuse to purchase his gutters, as shown when he kills Carl with one touch. This prompts Frylock to buy his Grim Reaper Gutters. 

Dan has made brief cameos in multiple episodes, including "A PE Christmas", where he can be seen attending the Aqua Teens church service and in "The Greatest Story Ever Told", he watches Carl's failed executions inside a prison. 


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