Darlene at Carl's faked funeral.

Darlene, AKA Gerald's Mom made her first and only appearance in the episode "Big Bro" in which she married Frylock (her first pick was Carl who got her pregnant) and moved in with the Aqua Teens.

Frylock used the big brother program to bond with a kid named Gerald, and to have sex with his mom, Darlene. Carl went in for the same reason, only with no intention of bonding with the child, leading to dispute between the two, though she ends up falling in love with Carl after seeing him break a claw machine, and leaves Gerald with Frylock to have sex with Carl for four days straight.

Though after she reveals she's pregnant, Frylock helps Carl fake his death to get rid of her. At the funeral, Frylock tries to hit on her, but she says she's looking for a "real" man, so Frylock proves to her he's a real man by fighting Carl... while he's still in his coffin, and Darlene instantly falls in love with him, after which it cuts to them putting up a picture of their marriage in Meatwad's room while they decide which color the walls should be.

She is evidently attracted to men with tendendies towards random acts of violence; falling for Carl when he attacks a claw machine and smashes the glass with his fist and later falls for Frylock when he starts punching Carl's coffin at his fake funeral. She finds Carl sexually attractive and has a high sexual labido.


In a summary of her own words, "He bugs the ass out of me."

Darlene is, by all standards, an unfit parent and does not seem to hold any maternal instincts. She disregards her son's needs for her own, such as leaving him with a (bitter) Frylock for four days while she has constant sex with Carl. She views her child as a burden and seems to care only for herself. She also yells at Gerald constantly and for no specific reason, though she was shown to be happy when she found out she was pregnant.