Death island

Death Island is an uncharted island featured in the episode, "Eggball." It is inhabited by strange creatures, such as Pinball-laying Birds, and an enormous, laser shooting, gay baby whom the pinball birds named Rudy and see as a god. A giant pinball machine constructed out of stone, named "Death Mountain Hoedown", can be found on the island, with tourists being used as pinballs. When Rudy "craves a free game", the birds will capture any visitors on the island and use them in the machine until they are nothing but bones. A vending machine is also on the island, selling snacks such as "Sticky Rolls", "Smackerbars", and "Dr. Fudge Be Gone." The island was ultimately destroyed by Rudy as he was killing Shake.

In "Eggball", Shake ventures onto the island in order to find a rare pinball that he can use for his custom machine. Eventually, Frylock and Meatwad ditch Shake on the island, as the pinball-laying birds capture him while he is asleep. He is then used as a ball in the gigantic "Death Mountain Hoedown" machine. Shortly after, Rudy is said to be angered and reveals himself to Shake, with the anthropomorphic cup responding "What do you want, you big gay baby?" This disgruntles Rudy, who begins to shoot laser beams from his eyes at Shake while bouncing up and down, destroying the island and letting it sink.

Despite it being destroyed, Death Island can be seen on a camera in "Allen Part Two", with the pinball birds riding on their jet-skis in the nearby ocean.

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