Deleted Scenes is the 3rd episode of ATHF's 4th season. It is the first 22 minute episode to date and overall the 58th episode.This episode aired on December 18, 2005.

Master Shake shows clips which were cut from his Untitled Master Shake Project (actually the scenes are from the then impending Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters).

This has been split in two parts for regular broadcast. The episode was originally listed as "Star Studded Christmas Spectacular Starring Rhon Geremi", a reference to the actor Ron Jeremy, who didn't appear in this episode. On the DVD for Volume 5, it's listed as "Star Studded Xmas Spectacular Part 1" and "Star Studded Xmas Spectacular Part 2".

The episode is an extra on the DVD release of the film. Also the Deleted Movie has early versions of scenes from the episode.


In this episode, Shake and Meatwad show some scenes from Untitled Master Shake Project. Shake claims that the movie has no plot, and that viewers were disgusted when they saw it at the Mall Of America.

The clips revolve around the Insane-O-Flex Exercise Machine & its Motherboard. First, Carl shows off his "hypno-rims," which are, as Frylock points out, designed to spin at the frequency of the female brain wave, allowing Carl to rape anyone he wants. The Mooninites steal them from him so they can mock the Plutonians & the Ghost, the latter of whom seem to be working together. Later, the Mooninites hypnotize Carl with his own rims, telling him to pull down his pants, to stick a broom up his ass, and to steal the Motherboard. Carl sticks the broom through his whole body to the point where it bulges at the top of his head.

He also disturbs bees, causing them to swarm around him. He shows up at the Aqua Teens' house, wanting to use the Insane-O-Flex. Frylock tells him "How about taking that broom out of your ass first," to which Carl tells him that he likes the broom there. Frylock struggles to put the Motherboard into the Insane-O-Flex, but it won't fit, as it's a completely different font. Carl pretends to help him but steals the Motherboard instead.

Carl brings the Motherboard to the Mooninites, Plutonians, & Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past, who are now working together. He tells them that it don't fit, and the Ghost goes directly in front of the camera, yelling "IMPOSSIBLE!" Meatwad shows his video, "Meatwad's Disco Safari Party Explosion", which Shake blows up during the credits.

Part 2 of this Episode was in the same 30Min time Slot as Part 1. On the Season 5 DVD, it's presented as a different episode. Carl comes to where Shake's showing his movie, with the broom still up his ass. Shake shows the rest of his movie: The Aqua Teens go to Carls house & find the Mooninites, Plutonians, & Ghost there. Carl tells Frylock that they used the "hypno-rims" to force him to rape himself with the broom, so Frylock uses the rims on them & forces them to give him the Motherboard. The Aqua Teens and Carl go to the Aqua Teens house, where Carl has recovered. He tells them that he mentally lost at least 2 days. Meatwad pulls the broom out of his ass quickly. After the movie ends, Carl is confused as to why the broom's still in his ass when he saw that Meatwad pulled it out. Shake dodges the question completely, and Carl walks away. He returns with a shotgun, without the broom in his ass, implying that he removed it himself this time. Meatwad shows the rest of his movie while Carl kills Shake in the background.


  1. Master Shake is killed with a shotgun by Carl.


  • HBO Max uses the full name of this episode, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Star Studded Xmas Spectacular Starring Rhon Geremi"
  • This episode is inexplicably not available for legal digital downloads.
  • The Williams Street logo is missing from both parts.


  • The scene when Meatwad reads a porn magazine and Shake takes it from him. When Shake says, "Gimme that!", his mouth was completely shut.