Dennis (also called "Jerry" by Meatwad) is a small creature in the Broodwich Dimension. He has an axe, which he uses to kill people who are chosen to eat the Broodwich. When Shake first was sent to the alternate reality, Dennis came up to him and Shake asked if he was the one saying "Beware" (the Broodwich).

Role in plot[]

When Shake first entered the Broodwhich dimension, the voice said beware just as "Jerry" appeared and Shake asked if he was the one saying beware right before Dennis started to swing his axe, chopping his own foot off in one swoop. Dennis began chasing Shake with the axe, until Shake was transported back to his own reality. Shake went in and out a few more times after that.

Later, Shake made Meatwad to taste the sandwich and see what he thought (the viewer doesn't see Meatwad's experience). When he gets back he told everyone "Jerry" is a nice guy when you get to know him, claiming that "Jerry" brought him to a strip club. Shake and Meatwad argue over it then Shake goes back to see. After Shake leaves, Frylock asked if what Meatwad said was true, and Meatwad replied, "Hell no, that son of a bitch had an axe," Shake then comes back after eavesdropping on Dennis and his friend (portrayed by H. Jon Benjamin). Shake then ate the rest of the sandwich, only to find that he's alive because he picked off the sun-dried tomatoes that he didn't like. The Broodwich Voice tells him he passed the test and won a girl (skeleton bride) to which he refused, after which the Broodwich states he passed the real test, winning brain surgery. Shake is lobotomized, and is told by the voice to eat the sun-dried tomatoes. He does so and is cut in half by Dennis in the Alternate reality.


  • In "Rocket Horse Jet Chicken," the character Rocket Horse and Jet Chicken refer to another character as "Jerry," but this Jerry does not appear on-screen.
  • His real name is actually Dennis, as stated by Mr. Sticks during their long conversation in the DVD version. Why he's called Jerry by the others is unknown.
  • Shake refers to Dennis as "Mr. Sticks" when Meatwad returns from the Broodwich dimension. However, the credits use that name for the character voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.
  • Dennis' appearance resembles that of Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants.