"Der Inflatable Fuhrer" is the ninth episode of the sixth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 87th episode overall. It originally aired on May 24th, 2009.


The episode opens with Shake and Meatwad at Frylock's door, which is plastered with WARNING, KEEP OUT, and DANGER signs. Out of curiosity, Shake and Meatwad barge into the door, and are appalled at what they see: a room filled with balloons and sleeping lab rats. Frylock tells them that he's working on a "freelance gig" to use the balloons to house an airborne virus to distribute at children's birthday parties. When Frylock has an online video conference with his client, he discovers the real reason behind the "gig": his client is Adolf Hitler in balloon form.

Frylock and Shake go to the park to meet up with Hitler. Balloon Hitler reveals himself as the client and is disappointed when a test balloon fails to kill Meatwad whom he kidnapped and dressed like a Hasidic Jew. Balloon Hitler unleashes an army of Nazi balloon men upon the Aqua Teens but Frylock easily pops them. Defeated, Hitler tells the story of how he became a balloon:

In 1945, nearing the end of WWII, Hitler didn't want to give up all his Nazi gold, so he stuffed all of his belongings up his rear-end with a balloon. But it was too much and he popped, leaving his soul to live on as a balloon.

The Aqua Teens bring him home, and Hitler is surprised to find out that many of his favorite celebrities such as Adam Sandler are Jews. Hitler emotionally hugs the Aqua Teens and proclaims that it's time to set their differences aside, and "once and for all, destroy the gays! Hail the Inflatable Hilter!", causing a visibly enraged and disgusted Frylock to immediately pop him.


  • Hitler says he loves the 1998 movie The Waterboy.
  • The mask Adolf is wearing is the one Meatwad worn in The Shaving.
  • Carl is mentioned but does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode has a slightly shortened opening. It also happened in Time Machine. They remain unchanged in syndication, but it was fixed in DVD however.