Dewey (left) and Vanessa (right)

Dewey and Vanessa are Meatwad's toy dolls, along with Boxy Brown. Dewey is the toilet paper roll and Vanessa is a green apple. Neither have any dialogue, and often Meatwad speaks on their behalf. They are seen in every season, with their earliest appearance in the middle of season one. The characters are never really of much importance, other to be destroyed by Master Shake or replaced by Dumber Dolls. They somehow keep Meatwad entertained and often are simply comic relief. According to Meatwad, they are married to each other, and they go into outer space and have adventures.



  • Vanessa sometimes has hair painted in the top.
  • Despite being female, Vanessa sometimes has a mustache.
  • Vanessa has also been referred to as "Professor Vanessa"
  • Dewey is an engineer on the Supertrain.