"Dickesode" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 59th episode overall. It originally aired on October 22nd, 2006.


Carl and the Aqua Teens walk out of a restaurant called "Wong Burger", which is running "Rip-n-Win", a promotion where the bottoms of drink cups have prize coupons. While Shake and Meatwad both get a coupon for 20 cents off an order of Wasabi Fries, Carl reads from his: "Tonight you will get your dick ripped off".

Later, the gang sees a TV commercial for the restaurant. It includes a super-fast disclaimer saying that some customers may get their dicks ripped off. They don't have TiVo, so Meatwad helpfully acts this out with two puppets. Facing the "prize" of genital mutilation, Carl hides in the Aqua Teens' house. Eventually, a couple of stereotypical Chinese-looking man-sized grains of rice with sharp hooks and long necklaces made of dicks come to the Aqua Teens' house. The Teens tell the rice-men that Carl isn't there. Unsure, the two search the house, but fail to find Carl. Shake selfishly tells them to check Carl's house, and they leave to do so. Frylock tells that Carl that they're gone. He then reveals to Carl that when he bought that medium drink, he signed a binding legal contract that legally enables Wongburger's rice henchmen to rip off his dick and they won't stop until they do. The Chinese rice fail to find Carl at his house either; they eventually give up and report this to Mr. Wongburger, a life-sized dick alien with glasses and blue and yellow shorts who plans to use the dicks to build a Dickship to go back to Dick Planet.  

Back in the Aqua Teens' house, Frylock says that he has an idea, but not a good one. He performs a sex change operation on Carl to invalidate the dick-rippers' contract. Unfortunately, as part of the process he (of course) cuts off Carl's dick, which completely defeats the purpose. Frylock throws Carl's dick in the garbage can, from where Mr. Wongburger's men retrieve it.

The Aqua Teens sneak over to Mr. Wongburger's laboratory and confront him. Mr. Wongburger orders his men to close the dick gate, which is just a pathetic pile of dicks. Frylock tells him that he can't just run around ripping off peoples' dicks to make a Dickship, but the dick alien claims that he has a degree in "dicknology". Frylock calls Wongburger a madman, as the ship will never fly, due to it being made out of just dicks. Wongburger asks Frylock how else is he supposed to get home, and Frylock gives him the logical suggestion to call someone from his home planet to pick him up. Wongburger, realizing how simple it was, takes Frylock's advice and goes to call his brethren. Shake asks Meatwad which one of these dicks is Carl's. Frylock says it doesn't matter and tells him to grab one. Shake is grossed out at the prospect of touching the dicks and refuses. Frylock turns Carl back into a man, attaching the dick of questionable origin and adding a temporary third testicle to speed up the re-masculizing process. The news then reveals that someone is suing Wongburger, likely a victim of the mass castrating. Wongburger, likely in a panic to escape the controversy, left in the Dickship. In the end, the Dickship fails to launch and crashes into Wongburger's building made of dicks.

Shake finds a "hotdog sitting right on top of 2 soggy walnuts" in the trash, presumably Carl's dick, and completely oblivious to what it is, eats it, much to Frylock and Meatwad's disgust.


  • This is the first episode of the show with a TV-MA rating.
  • All staff members' credits had their first names replaced with "Dick", except Schoolly D, whose name was changed to "Schoolly Dick", and Brendon Small, who was credited as "Donald Cock".
  • All penises in the episode are censored using the NTSC color bars test pattern.
  • The word "dick" was said 55 times in this episode, and 4,337 dicks were censored. This is likely part of Maiellaro & Willis's continued joy at antagonizing the Standards and Practices bureau of Cartoon Network.
  • This is Dave Willis's favorite episode.
  • Space Ghost can be seen dancing on the TV while Meatwad plays with his puppets.