"Diet" (alternatively titled "The South Bronx Parasite Diet") is the ninth episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 51st episode overall. It originally aired on September 26, 2004.


"Spacecataz" open[]

Oglethorpe orders fifty million pizzas for the Mooninites after they spray-paint "We Eat Our Own Farts" on the Plutonians' ship.


The episode comes to an open with Meatwad in his exercise attire power-walking on the sidewalk beside Carl's house as he greets him, Carl wants to know why Meatwad's power-walking, Meatwad wants to lose weight so he can fit in his roller skates and his neckerchief, but the latter he can't fit. Frylock examines Meatwad to see how far he run, he shows Frylock his weight and shows him that he power-walk to a pile of gummy bears that is in Carl driveways at where Master Shake is at and he eat some. Frylock says to Meatwad that he shouldn't eat the gummy bears, Meatwad say its a halfway point and never put the gummy bears there. Shake says to him not to exercise because he say, "Exercise is for dummies and women."

Carl agrees as he is in a diet too, he uses a program called "The South Bronx Paradise Diet", then show Meatwad a special energy bar that he uses. Meatwad want to do his diet, but Frylock denies this and say to eat a well-balance meal and exercise. Carl eats his candy bar and Shake reference to Star Wars as he has three hearts and Frylock proves him wrong. Frylock then bets to Carl if Meatwad loses weight more than him, the winner has to buy a pack of Carl favorite beer, he agrees. Meatwad wants an iPod mini and a motorcycle if he wins, both say no. He gets frustrated and points out that Shake gets to go to the damn Dagobah System as Shake plays with a toy. Inside the house, Frylock trains Meatwad, but he can't lift up a purple weight, Frylock helps him. Meatwad switches down to a smaller pink weight, Shake can be heard in the kitchen cooking popcorn, much to Meatwad’s delight, revealing to be a trick to get Meatwad disqualified from the bet. Frylock backs down this and slap the popcorn from Meatwad's hand, then gets him to train on the stair-stepper for 30 minutes, too much for Meatwad's dismay and agony, as Frylock furiously yells at the meatball.

In his room, Meatwad jumps up and down on the star-stepper as Frylock pushes him too hard, as Meatwad complains to the french fry about flat lips of a Tomb Raider. Shake then appears with a funnel cake stand and puffy red lips, much to Meatwad's excitement and Frylock's anger, with the latter berates Shake because of cheating and the former wants some batter, as Shake tosses some with a ladle, Frylock get Meatwad's dinner prepares for him.

In the living room, Meatwad sit at a table eating a steak and reveals to be a cat toy, pointed out by Frylock. His real dinner is a celery stalk which doesn't affect him and he wants wing sauce, Frylock try to get Metwad to taste a lemon twist, but Meatwad curses at him. Shake then appears with an ice cream stand.and gives Meatwad 8 scoops of chocolate ice cream which appears melted. Angered, Frylock tells Shake to leave, Meatwad don't care about his diet and say what the point of living, Shake say there isn't any and tells Meatwad to use his gun, which makes Frylock enraged and tackles him. A knock can be heard, Shake goes to greet Carl. It shown to be really skinny and less fitting of his clothes. Carl praises this because of his diet. Frylock looks at one of these as leaves. Meatwad asks to Shake for a funnel cake, Shake agrees because he in the bet. Frylock denies this off screen, but Shake participates anyway.

In his room looking through a microscope, Frylock then see organisms in the candy bars. Back in the living room, Shake, Carl, and Meatwad watch an exercise program while eating funnel cakes, Frylock ask Carl do he know what in the energy bars, he don't know. Frylock asks to Carl if he wants to see what in these candy bars, he claims "South Bronx Paradise.", then the wrapper reveals to say "The South Bronx Parasite Diet" instead of "Paradise", which confuses Carl because there is larva in his stomach that is feasting on his insides. Carl does not care and shouts "South Bronx Paradise!!", Meatwad points out to a human liver that falls out of Carl butt, Carl claims its "dead weight", Meatwad wants it, but Frylock refuses as Meatwad wrestles for the liver.

Back in Meatwad's room, Frylock trains him some more, Shake comes in and gloats about the bet and Frylock tells him he not a part of the bet, but he says he is, Frylock leaves to check on Carl while Shake complains. Enraged, Frylock threatens to blast him with his lasers which causes Shake to be scared and close the door. In Carl's house, Frylock searches for Carl, then he was shocked to see that he is on the ceiling and crawling up there. Frylock was too horrified to see that he on the ceiling and he likes to be next to a light and he eats a fly, much to Frylock's disgust, then eat the flies from the light shade because there so much protein from these. Back at the Aqua Teen House, Frylock has to carry Carl due to him being skinny, and his left hand falls off. Meatwad excitedly run to the hand, but Frylock stops him and Master Shake brags about it as he picks up the disembodied hand, Carl tells Frylock to put him on the wall and his pants fall down. Then Shake appears with a vacuum cleaner claiming he'll win, Frylock reminds he still not part of the bet, Shake didn't listen and put the tube through his straw and pull the switch, the vacuum cleaner sucks all of Shake's blood from his body, killing him. Meatwad gets on the scale and weigh 2 pounds more than last week and pulls out some fudge. Carl gets on the scale, but a giant larva ejects from his body, killing Carl as well, the parasite places Carl's remains on the scale and is happy to have won, Meatwad and Frylock drive away in Carl's car, and the parasite asks where everyone's going.


  1. Master Shake has all of his insides sucked out.
  2. Carl's body is ripped open by the South Bronx Parasite.


  • HBO Max uses the alternative title of this episode.
  • The ice cream scopes during Meatwad's meal are in the same shape as the brains from Carl Wash.
  • The helmet Shake has on is from eDork.
  • When Carl tells Frylock he has crabs before, referencing to Unremarkable Voyage, when Carl use Frylock shrink way to enlarge his penis and then yellow crabs coming out of his groin and infestating the house.
  • Frylock is reading the moon master catalog from Moon Master (episode).
  • The bar has 1gm Carbohydrate, 0gm Fat, 120gm Sodium, 6gm parasites.
  • On the August 30, 2016 airing of this episode, it was rated TV-MA.
  • When Meatwad says he wants to have lips like the Tomb Raider, Shake appears having huge lips making funnel cakes. This was supposed to be a reference to Angelina Jolie's role in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider films.