Dirtfoot is a legendary New Jersey dirt monster. He is an obvious parody of the legendary creature, Bigfoot. He is presumed to be homosexual as the only known photograph of him was at a gay pride parade. In the episode Dirtfoot he shares an underground apartment with Master Shake under a well which mysteriously appears in front of the Aqua Teens house as part of Shake's plan to attract women and money by getting purposely stuck in the well and reaping the media attention. The two are uneasy roommates, with Shake complaining about how he leaves his "one giant sock" laying on the couch, with his complaints usually resulting in a massive kick from Dirtfoot.

When Shake's original plan for attention fails, he resorts to pretending to get his hand stuck in a mailbox, which actually gets stuck; Dirtfoot comes to his rescue, finally attracting the media, who describe the rescue as "Dirtfoot taking his lover in his arms", to Shake's insecure horror. At this time the Aqua Teen's neighbor, Carl, is being interviewed by local news outlets and tells them that they have been gay lovers (and a common law couple) for some time. Shake promptly cuts off his own head with a katana in order to prove how straight he is, while Dirtfoot is stabbed by an elderly woman (voiced by Dave Willis' real life Granny), who apparently accidentally hit him "with her swords".